Clinical Sodomy

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I needed something to do while waiting for my film "Where The Dead Go To Die" to be released. I decided I wanted to do something short but I didn't feel like writing a script and finding actors and all that non-sense. I decided instead to do a music video for one of my all time favorite fucked up groups "Butchers Harem". I contacted MC Bushpig (AKA Passenger of Shit) & MC Cumblood and decided to do it!

I used Cinema 4D R13 with the Interposer plugin to animate and render the movie. I used a mixture of stock motion capture and motions I captured myself using a Xbox 360 Kinect (thanks to Emily Youcis and Victor Bonacore for being my motion capture performers) with IPI Studio for capturing and DAZ Studio to edit the final motions before exporting them to C4D. Through out October & November 2011 I mainly came up with concepts, built digital sets and setup the character models. During Late December and January 2012 I did the bulk of the animation. After the animation was done I did all the post coloring and fx in Adobe After Effects and edited with Adobe Premiere.

Buy "Snuff Porn Gore" Here: butchersharem.com/ (EMAIL orders@butchersharem.com FOR ALL SALE INQUIRIES!)

View the trailer for my film here: youtube.com/watch?v=f6-aC CqCc_0

Order my DVD/Blu-ray "Where The Dead Go To Die" Here: amazon.com/Where-Dead-Go-
Die-Blu-ray/dp/B006HGXGWK /ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1 327748871&sr=8-1

Order my Limited Edition DVD/Blu-ray/VHS here: unearthedfilms.com

Visit my Website Here: screamerclauz.com

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there goes any thought of sleep i had
but it took me awhile before i had the sense to stop the video
dosent make it any less awesome

http://www.bestgore.com/lynching/young-man-lynching-theft-cassava-flour-lagos-state-nigeria/ I feel like this matches. Great Work Dude! Where do you get your inspiration?

That's typically butchersharem, liked some songs of 'em others like this one well..aren't really everyones taste. Anyway 5 Stars from me, for not beeing scared of testing out something new!

Am i the only 1 getting a boner from this if so im fucked up in the head XD awesome video i got a wickedly weird ass boner

As a huge fan of MC Bushpig, Suicidal Rap Orgy, Passenger of Shit, etc. I must say this is Genious!! Loved it dude, i hope we can see more of your videos around.
Do you have a channel where you upload more like this?

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Aug 27, 2012
9:06 PM EDT
Music Video