Quietus II

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Beginner 5 Points

Beat 5 levels.

Initiate 5 Points

Beat 10 levels.

Hopeful 10 Points

Beat 15 levels.

Middleman 10 Points

Beat 20 levels.

Finders, Keepers 25 Points

Open 20 chests.

Talent 25 Points

Beat 25 levels.

Worker 25 Points

Beat 30 levels.

Spelunker 50 Points

Beat 35 levels.

Angel 100 Points

Beat the game.

Dedicated 100 Points

Open all 40 chests.

Author Comments

*Update 8/28/2012: performance improvements, background color change*

After coming back to life from your first deal with Death with riches beyond measure, you have once again died and are seeking a way to heaven--but this time, you must lead a lost soul through a newly hellish landscape.

-Arrows/WASD - move
-Z/Up/W - jump
-Down/S - open chest
-M - mute
-R - return to level select


I like the game and feel that its engine and polish is being underappreciated. The small visual subtleties and engine configuration makes it a fair challenge. The deterministic nature of the engine also positively contributed to my experience. Given the precise timing of the engine, I almost wondered whether our military should be using programs like this to improve the responsiveness and awareness of its soldiers... I definitely felt like I learned a lot from playing.

However, I also wonder whether the supposed "lag" on some levels is due to my timing being off, or if Flash simply isn't very capable of handling a game with such precise timing requirements.

Anyways, I'm going to spend a few days and think about whether I want to spend my time opening all 40 chests, or if I'm merely satisfied with having "beaten" the game.

I like the music, the atmosphere, and the platform construction. Indeed, there's nothing wrong with the design of the stages. Where I ding points, and this is important, is that I am a human being. Requiring pinpoint precision on jumps and landings with a character that has slippery footwork is not the way to make a great platformer. If I underestimate the timing of a trap, then that's my fault and I have no problem with that, I don't blame the designer for it. Where I get annoyed is when I have to sit there in a game that should be about *having fun* and I'm trying to calculate through repeated playthroughs the exact fraction of a second that I have to tap the arrow key so my character goes just far enough without going so far (ie, two steps instead of one step, or three instead of two) that they safely get around instead of not going far enough and dying or going too far and dying. Trial and error requiring split-second timing in stages that require several pinpoint jumps and landings within the span of a couple seconds or two... and the traps with the death fish that seem to require you to fail the first time in order to see what particular pixel is the trigger? If I make human errors, nothing doing, the game can still be fun. But the controls make it feel like I'm not wanted to do well or advance to the next stage; that for some reason getting farther into the game almost seems like a slap in the face to the designer. A game shouldn't feel like that, and that's why nice as it is otherwise I'm giving 3 stars.

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I want the music!!!!!!

Definitely a fun game, but severely frustrating at times, especially on levels that had more that one difficult section (there's nothing like the satisfaction of finally getting past a difficult obstacle, only to die 2 seconds later and realize you have to do it again). Checkpoints at midway points of some levels would have been nice for those of us with less dexterous fingers.

I love this game. It's a difficult, yet fun game. I've had a lot of fun, but can't seem to get past level 35. ;-;
The music is epic and I love it, it's sorrowful yet peaceful and relaxing, and helps witht he frustrations of the game. :3
The controls are nice and tight, and work perfectly.
The sprites are great.

The only thing I have to say is...
Whenever I come back to this the next day, for some reason my data's gone. I go to the level select menu and I'm back at level one. ;-;

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Credits & Info

3.77 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2012
2:30 PM EDT
Skill - Other