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Quietus II

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Beginner 5 Points

Beat 5 levels.

Initiate 5 Points

Beat 10 levels.

Hopeful 10 Points

Beat 15 levels.

Middleman 10 Points

Beat 20 levels.

Finders, Keepers 25 Points

Open 20 chests.

Talent 25 Points

Beat 25 levels.

Worker 25 Points

Beat 30 levels.

Spelunker 50 Points

Beat 35 levels.

Angel 100 Points

Beat the game.

Dedicated 100 Points

Open all 40 chests.

Author Comments

*Update 8/28/2012: performance improvements, background color change*

After coming back to life from your first deal with Death with riches beyond measure, you have once again died and are seeking a way to heaven--but this time, you must lead a lost soul through a newly hellish landscape.

-Arrows/WASD - move
-Z/Up/W - jump
-Down/S - open chest
-M - mute
-R - return to level select

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tough i love it

A fun and very difficult game, but come on level 35 was completely unfair and there's no way 409 people (at time of my posting this) have beaten that stage or gotten further!

I call 20 or 25 legit unlocks at max (and that's being very generous as it's probably fewer than that), and the rest cheaters!

When you have medals that are of a difficulty that, in comparable games, fewer than 10 people even managed, and yet you have greater than 400? Yeah you gotta question that.

It's pretty obvious to see a cheater in the highscores too, when you have someone who made it through the game with a negative amount of deaths! Although no doubt many other cheaters there too, just not as obvious as that one.

to easy got bored fast. it should be spiced up a bit..... maybe like power upgrades?
the same song over and over kinda gets annoying, yes i know its long, but its still the same song.
im not saying its bad its a good game, however the story in the beginning went by WAY to fast to be able to read, so i kinda had no real clue what the plot actually was, that was the real down side for me. the graphics were great, but it was really just the same 5 obstacles mixed in different patterns.
the controls were a bit fuzzy but i got used to it after level 5, so i guess thats okay. this is pretty okay.

This is indeed harder and more challenging than the first, but is still fun and beatable. I do wish that a sequel to this was made because this game is awesome! Fantastic job and kudos to you!

Bouncing between spikes while avoiding two spinning spike balls... with these controls? Nope. I'm sorry, but there's a difference between difficult and absurd, and this game did the second far too many times. For example: the level where two sets of three lava monsters shoot up, and the treasure chest is up top. The level itself would only be hard because you require the player to jump perfectly because of the ceiling, but by sectioning off the treasure chest the way you did, you ensured there would be at least 15-20 seconds between every attempt, turning an otherwise meh difficulty level into a test of my patience. The controls are too twitchy for a lot of the crap you ask for in these levels, and the lag that started happening didn't help either. I took steps to make sure it wasn't just me, and nope, still lagging, especially on levels with a lot more lava and such. But even assuming lag wasn't there making me have a 10 percent chance my button press won't be registered and I'll die, the other stuff is just too annoying. I love platformers, and I've liked other games of yours, but this one wasn't enjoyable. It didn't even give me satisfaction to beat the levels because they were just so frustrating that I rarely felt like it was my fault if the level took me a long time, instead always noting a couple of design flaws that made the level arbitrarily more difficult. The art, music and general aesthetic were nice, though the art conflicted with the pixel level precision required for some parts. This is one of the few difficult platformers where I've stepped back and said "I am not enjoying myself in any way while playing this, and beating levels feels hollow instead of triumphant... I'm going to stop." And then proceeded not to play it anymore.

TL;DR: Game controls are twitchy, art and music are nice though art conflicts with gameplay, difficulty seems arbitrarily high via poor design. Workings of a great game trapped in an unenjoyable one.

On the plus side, your other work, out of what I've played thus far, is good and enjoyable enough to provide the perfect transition as I leave this game behind.