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This is really cool, you did a great job in making me feel emotion with the battle without any dialogue, sort of like Aeon Flux or DBZ, where in the action the true story is told. Great Job!

You sure got potential.
Keep working on the animaton and you'll go far.

this was pretty good with a bit more practice u good make something really epic

Ugh... So many gaps between frames, with that being said my only real advice is to start putting the onion tool to it's proper use and actually make the frames look like the correlate with one another, the normal process to do this is by means of doubling the amount of frames by systematically dragging all the latter frames ahead by one frame for each frame in the timeline and then entering a blank keyframe in the duplicate frames. FYI, the onion tool will only work if all the coloring is knocked out leaving behind the outlines, meaning the black bits you created with brush tool and yes, I can infer merely by looking at it's curvatures that you used brush tool.

The artwork isn't ass, but it's not spectacular either; it's slightly above mediocre. My advice for the art is to stop using the brush tool as it lacks decent control and Flash doesn't acknowledge it as an actual outline but rather as a color. To elaborate; it's messy, chaotic and difficult to control regardless of what tablet, mouse or trackball you're using and because it's considered a color it's immediately restricting toward any attempt at being ambitious or even structured. To put it simply, the brush tool is an ass tool and if your reason for using it is because it gives off "dynamic" outlining, my suggestion is to do it manually by creating two sets of outlines for every one created with either the pencil tool or the line tool and yes you can create curved lines with the line tool, you have to apply the selection tool to one of the sides of the outlining until one quadrant of a ring, from 0 to 270 degrees to be more specific, appears underneath the selection tool, this can also be applied to lines created by pencil tool and also colors.

Inb4 you use Evil Dead Ejaculation as a reason for why you won't take my advice.

Very cool concept, you just need to learn spacing a little more because as it is now it's kind of choppy.

Go to the animation forum to get a little help.

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3.87 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2012
12:22 AM EDT