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Exit Deathzone

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You are trapped on a space station filled
with deadly weapons and there is only one way to escape.

Run and Jump your way trough 23 different levels.

Use ARROW KEYS to move and jump
Use ENTER to toggle the music

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Nice game....it's all about going fast and taking chances. Timing is everything. Well done!

my time 03.02.01 good game to easy add more levels and more bullets make the delay time not as long

Controls are a little loose. The difficulty between the levels changes wildly, where the hardest level was somewhere around the middle rather than getting progressively harder. One of the other issues is that I could just run right through a lot of levels because of the initial delay and taking two hits to die, so it made some levels that maybe should be a bit of a challenge a breeze. To fix this, I'd suggest maybe making some of the bullets hit for different amounts, some should be instant kills and some should allow you to get hit and not die.

6:05:94. Pretty good game. The music was awesome and fit excellently with the game. Controls were tight and overall, this was a good game. Some levels were really difficult but I found the best way to get through all of them was to just rush it. Usually that ended up working just fine. The one thing I do have to rant about is the lack of enemies. You could have spiced things up a bit by adding maybe some moving robots or perhaps some kind of machine gunner who for whatever reason doesn't want you to escape. Great game otherwise. 3 and a half stars.

Blobzone responds:

hey, yeah sounds like a good idea for a second part (if there will be one)

what i dont get is, why the score system doesnt work here : ( or rather i dont know how to get it to work

really difficult after a few levels, but quite good

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3.95 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2012
9:55 PM EDT