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And TheRaven Brought Fire: No Evil 002

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"The Bells" By Edgar Allan Poe as sung by Phil Ochs

"At one time there was nothing but darkness, and then the Raven brought fire."

This, my dearies, is what I like to call a fiddly project. Something I work on if I can't work on other things for whatever reason, If I don't put it up now I shall never stop fiddling. Speaking of fiddling.... Making this thing into a Swf was taxing if ever there was tedium to be had! But I did really want to upload it here. You'll notice there were certainly some differences betwixt this version and the youtube version. Sometimes it was better others it's worse. Whichever you prefer.

To the discerning myth fan, you may notice reference to several myths, but to everyone else, do not worry one does not need to have knowledge of these things to see what happens;

Evil black ooze want to consume everything, A raven and three monkeys fight the evil.

Those who watch me on DA warlord-of-noodles.deviantart.com/ may be familiar with Xipe Totec (Lady Murder), Xochipilli (The Flower Prince) Xochiquetzal (The Flower Empress), and Ixtlilton (The Healer), As well as some of the other fuzzbutts there. As you may have noticed I am borrowing VERY LOOSELY from Aztec Myth and Northern Native American Myth on this one and I plan to do a commentary to explain why I did what I did from a scholastic point of view, but you don't really need it. Mostly, it's just some fantastical battle what I wanted to make fun to watch to a song I adore by a poet with a lovely talent. If you want explanations to things, start reading my Brother Swan comic, I'll touch on it eventually.... Also the blackness is called "The Black Tezcatlipoca"... if anyone cared

This is a battle that will have some reference on most stories I shall be doing that take place on Scourosi like Brother Swan warlordofnoodles.comicgenesis.com . And especially in a prequel to Brother Swan I shall be calling "No Evil."


I was really impressed by this! I don't know how I missed it when it got Daily Feature. I just really appreciate how unique it is. You get the sense that you're in a real story here. I wasn't aware of that song by Edgar Allen Poe. It was easy to tell it was made by him when it had "Raven" in the title.

While it didn't have character development, it was still done with regards to these characters. I appreciate you injecting life in them through a song. It really does tell an interesting story. It helps that the animation is downright gorgeous. I appreciated everything about this.

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I loved it, especially all the aztec myth you used; sooo lets see if my history is correct you are using the name and nagual form of Tezcatilipoca , the black jaguar it formed, also Kitty was holding the white tezcatilipoca (Quetzalcoatl); the raven is Xipe Totec the red tezcatilipoca and I am missing Huitzilopochtli the blue tezcatilipoca

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Warlord-of-Noodles responds:

Our "left handed Hummingbird" Has yet to be seen as such.

Does this by any chance have anyhting to do with the adage "hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil" ?
Also this goes into my favorites forever.

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That's a really awesome animation. Well done.
Also, that happens to be one of my favorite EAP poems (Or as I like to call them, Poe-ems). So, nice work!

This was absolutely beautiful. I hate this song with a passion (had to sing it in my school choir once) but despite that, this movie is going in my favorites forever.

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Aug 24, 2012
3:54 PM EDT
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