The Train Of Consciousnes

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watch hd version @ www.thetrainofconsciousne ss(dot)com
You can see the storyboards, sketches, animatic, download wallpapers etc here.

The movie maps the journey of a magical train through surreal landscapes as a metaphor for a poet's reveries. It captures the state of dreaming or imagination that has a constant sense of flow like travelling in a train or reclining beside the eternal rise and fall of the ocean. That space which is full of journeying and forgetfulness...


This is amazing. It really captures the beauty and discord that is the human mind. I just keep thinking back to the collision, though. Does this represent one's ideas colliding with another's? Does this indicate reality stopping one's dreams? There, of course, is no truly right answer. Just makes you think. :) Anyway, the animation is crisp and the music is fantastic! Only thing is at times the animation gets a little blockly, like it is meant for a smaller viewing area. Also, it is kind of weird as a loop. Were you going for the concept that the these thoughts are repeating endlessly? If so, nice!! Other than these issue(s), it is perfect!! I love the close up of the hands playing the piano in the beginning. They look so real...so very VERY real. You are amazing for having made this. Thank you! 5/5 rating, 4.5/5 review. You have done something very nice here!

CentreofGravityfilms responds:

Thank you :) When that scene came to me it stood to represent the moment when you wake up from the dream, that eureka moment when the idea appears in the mind. There is a comprehension of an idea having formed and the moment that happens the whole world comes flooding into that space....i like the idea of the loop, i even brought the train back in the last scene for that reason...like a journey without beginning or end...

Bravo, BRAVO! Encore, ENCORE! I cannot express enough superlatives about this picture. Beautiful. Magnificent. Stunning. Moving! Shall I continue?

You absolutely made my day when I selected this 1st "under judgement" expecting the normal teenage drivel. Please do more with this quality!

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CentreofGravityfilms responds:

Thank you so much!! you made my day:) quite overwhelmed...it is so heartening to read such words after months of hardwork on a piece like this....it took several months to come up with the film, many technical challenges etc...

Beautiful and relaxing. I wish it was longer. It gave me a feeling that I cannot describe. It is like a moment of a beautiful thought or peacefulness of a great dream.

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CentreofGravityfilms responds:

I am very happy you felt this way....i wanted it to exactly feel like a great indistinct journey ....no clear direction....this happens to use in the afterglow of dreams...

was quite magical....

CentreofGravityfilms responds:

:) thanks!!

Stunning... Loved the style of animation. Nice to see so much done by hand.

It reminded me of some of the briliiant work that Channel 4 used to commision back in the 80's. Good luck with your film.

CentreofGravityfilms responds:

Oh those were such classics.... we all much to the masters of the 80s fredrick bach is my favourite! Thank you for the good words!

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Aug 23, 2012
9:28 AM EDT
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