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The Train Of Consciousnes

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watch hd version @ www.thetrainofconsciousne ss(dot)com
You can see the storyboards, sketches, animatic, download wallpapers etc here.

The movie maps the journey of a magical train through surreal landscapes as a metaphor for a poet's reveries. It captures the state of dreaming or imagination that has a constant sense of flow like travelling in a train or reclining beside the eternal rise and fall of the ocean. That space which is full of journeying and forgetfulness...

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This movie is great. The art and concept of the movie is so surreal and unique. The concept of this movie reminds of the Surreal artist Georges Malkine. Because of the objects and the reflections from the water and empty space of the sub-conscious. I also love the dream like atmosphere of the music and the intention. Great job man! I hope you do more videos soon!.


its one big metaphor
(you cannot stop the passage of time
and get a hobbie (it helps))
still wow

. . .

CentreofGravityfilms responds:


Man, This made me want to watch Spirited away.
Like when Chihiro Ogino was given a train ticket to go see Yubaba sister.
with No Face ^.^

CentreofGravityfilms responds:

oh i know this scene....the green water and the train gliding over it...yeah i saw the scene again after this comment....oh i just love the movie!!

A production worth 5 Stars

This is the best animation I have ever seen on Newgrounds, and you actually mixed in the music quite well. I was ifffy on how the high amount of symbolism, but you mixed it well, the voice acting (If that was someone working for you) did his part very well and it all is just about one of the best things I've seen on this site.

CentreofGravityfilms responds:

wow! i am thrilled you feel this is the best animation on newgrounds!! and the vo....i was a bit worried...i gave it myself....its a complete home job :) thank you!