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Brick Attack/Pong Classic

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Author Comments

Classic flash arcade game of both solo and versus action-scripted fun!

Created using action script 2.0, this was a quick make with a lot more potentional; however, "Brick Attack," or "Breakout," is commonly addicting with 42 levels, including a bonus level that provides a cheat code upon completion!

In addition, "Pong Classic" offers a well thought out difficulty setting that provides the perfect challenge for everyone that will keep you exited!

Feedback always welcome!

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well i do have to say that this was a horrible game i cant even fathom the idea of anyone givin this half a star let alone 5 but hey we all have our own opnions but i hope to see u try to make this better not that im sure u can but a shot at it and i might try it out again

kidcue responds:

LOL, yeah it could've been a lot, lot, lot, better. But it was my first game, made almost a year ago. I planned on incorporating some actual flash animations, including as3, and put some legit work into it. But I lost interest since I mostly made it to practice my AS2 scripting. I've long moved on to AS3.

This was a well put together game, I did wonder of Pong would ever end, about 15th point I got...
Still you have done a good, faithful recreation of Pong, and the Brick Attack has the same feel as many games I grew up playing.
Very well done, keep up the good work.

kidcue responds:

Yeah I agree with the feel of brick attack as well. I grew up playing that game all the time on my phone. And Pong goes up to 25 points.

Simple game to play. Something that you could add would be using the arrow keys to move or being able to click the screen or press space between levels.

kidcue responds:

Yeah I thought about implementing the arrow keys for the same reason however; I didn't put much thought into how fast the paddle would move on key down, or if it would start off slow and accelerate in the desired direction, or if you had to move in the opposite direction to slow down, or if you could use the arrow keys and mouse at the same time or had to choose one by toggling the controls from the settings menu I didn't add along side the pause screen that I could've added as well... There were too many variables, but now that I mention it, there's no excuses. I guess I got lazy, and on a really simple project too.

I Thought this was the most poorest rendition of theese two classic games. I will explain what I thing about this crap, in a section for each game.
Brick Attack:
This is, surprisingly, the better of the two in my opinion. But I can not stand the huge-ass curser for your mouse, the lrge size of the blocks, causing very little effort and stratagy to even break the bricks. In each level, It just adds one more "brick", directly next to the last one. Some origanality would be nice. The backgrounds are always the same solid-black color, and the sprites for the bricks and ball are just the same paint feature of two colors mixed. And what happrns when you hit something? It starts to bleed. Oh, and don't get me starded on the sounds, every time you start a game, or finnish it, it has annoying, drawn-out cheering sound, which is WAY too loud! Plus the breacking sound effect is ear-screaching, and sounds like glass getting smashed by an elephant. Thank god for the mute button. The only music is shitty music in the "title screen" (if that's what you want to call it). And the same sound is playd again and again and agian and agiain, Which, isn't THAT big of a problem, but the constant ammount of glitches makes this un-bearable.

"Hey, a difficulty level!" That's what I said when I fist played this. I tride nearly all the difficulty levels, and was dissapointed. At the lowest level, The opponant slowly follows the "ball". In the next difficulty level, the opponant follows the "ball" slightly faster. And so on. and, at times, it just forgets about the ball!. I can't really say much about the graphics, because they're the same exact sprites as in the brick attack. and so is the sounds... AND IT'S FRICKIN' ANNOYING!!! The ball gets stuckin the bwall often, and when the ball is touching a wall, it makes a "Bumping" noise. So when it's stuck all you hear is "BBBBBBBBBBBBBBB". Did you even play-test this game!!?!??!?!?!. *Sigh*

kidcue responds:

Well, I can't disagree with any of that, except the music in my title screen. I really like it. I believe it's from the original Tron Legacy soundtrack.

Very long game...

kidcue responds:

Indeed, that's why in the end you get a cheat code that you input into the top right corner of the title screen. So when you load Brick Attack, you go straight to the bonus level. But by then you probably wouldn't wanna play anymore, so the game itself kind of makes my cheat code pretty useless.

Credits & Info

3.59 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2012
3:56 PM EDT