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ART = ULTRAPITCHFORK (Samuel St Germain)

Please read the description on the opening page.

Otherwise here it is:

The following is an incomplete game. Development started in august of 2011. It was abandoned not long after due to communication difficulties and lack of time. I decided to share what was done rather than have it gathering dust on an old HD.

Arrows = Movement
Up Arrow = Jump
S KEY = Salvage Item
A KEY = Attack

This first level was about 85 percent complete. Just needed to figure out the knock-back reaction from the temple forcefield and fix a glitch or two then tweak the movement.

If someone is interested in taking over this project or helping me with it or has an idea for something new - send me a PM on here.

From PabMo.

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Sooo fun! Beautiful art style! Sorta reminds me of the Discount Mayonnaise art style.

PabMo responds:

Hi! Thanks for the review. That's because the art was done by the same artist! UltraPitchFork :)
It's been a long time, but I still wish I was able to finish this game. It was turning out to be the best (flash) project I'd ever done. Plus I had a lot more ideas for later levels. When I have some spare time from other projects I may see if I can find someone that can finish this with me. I think UltraPitchFork was a little tired of me near the end. Thanks for the interest, good to see people are still finding this.

From PabMo.

I love the lines, colors, and character designs. Love the way it looks, it does play kind of slow though. Who was the artist for this? I notied you said youre not so reasonable a artist on your page, but this stuff is great!

I think it may be more fun, if it played faster.

To bad you didnt get to finish, even with the slow gameplay, I would love to have tried to beat it.
My computer does kind of suck, but I could see it being faster. Sometimes less is more, I really did love this.

PabMo responds:

It seems to be a common criticism. I can see how I could fasten the pace in a lot of instances so it's doable. The artist is listed in the game description (UltraPitchFork on NG). He is an amazing artist and I'm glad he was willing to collaborate with me. It was a fun and interesting experience even though we didn't get a chance to finish. I hope the computer didn't limit the frame rate. Press 1 during the game to see if it makes a difference. Thanks for the review!

It looks great but the controls are terrible. I'm not a programmer so I don't even know what to suggest to do. It would also be nice if there was some sort of backstory even if you only learn it as the game goes on. I would say focus on animation since you have such a great style and forget about turning this into a game unless you have one or two other people helping you turn this into a real game. Some sort of soundtrack would also be nice.

PabMo responds:

Does something feel off with the controls? How does it run on your computer? Some people have mentioned that they don't like the delay (because of the wind up animation) before jumping or attacking. I did plan on having a cinematic before the game started, so there was a back story written, we just never got to that point. Thanks for the review!

i think that it's disappointing there's only one level, but it would be an amazing game if there is more levels (I know that it's incomplete, but if it ever gets completed, i will totally play it.)

even through one level, i can tell that you spent a great deal of effort on the graphics, and i think that this is exceptional, even for a game this short.

good job, i like this.

PabMo responds:

Yes I find it disappointing to. I did plan on having many levels, with puzzles and all kinds of enemies and bosses. This is just all we managed to do in a short time. Thanks for the support! I will let you know if I ever manage to complete the game.

I love the graphics. Maybe you could add some eerie music? Maybe something to collect? Not coins, but diamonds or something. That way you could do upgrades to weapons and armor. It could definitely be a great game if you just put some more work into it. Hope you do!! :) x

PabMo responds:

Music would be later on in development. I like your idea of things to collect and using them on upgrades. Maybe enemies drop gems or something when you damage them, and you can upgrade things like speed and damage etc. Yeah I'll definitely think about it if I continue with this.

Thanks for the review!

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3.85 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2012
1:26 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler