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Quest of Memories trailer

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Aug 21, 2012 | 7:29 PM EDT

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Author Comments

It is finally here after so long and it won't take long to get the next demo out so look forward to that later this year.

All controls use the mouse in this game no other controls are needed for it.

This game i am proud to be making for you all and i hope you all like it sorry it took so long to get out but it is here and you will now be seeing gameplay very soon ^^.

<b>this demo shows</b>
-the first cutscene for colt and mare character with voice acting.

-full interactable menu with all buttons working and leading to other parts of the menu..

-help wanted add we really need it lol. only requirement for art is it has to be close to the show. just note me with a sample of your art or music and i will talk to you asap.

That is all enjoy and i will now get to work on the meaty parts of the game.

EDIT: i fixed the dissapearing twilight and the timing that was screwy in the female side, fixed volume of female side

See it on deviant art here: http://sonicffvii.deviant y-Quest-of-Memories-cutsc ene-demo-322089581



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Okay, some hopefully constructive criticisms.

The images you're using have some sort of... artifacting, I think is the word. There are pixels easily visible all around and throughout both Twilight's "sprite" and the background, so I'm guessing they're things you cut out of another image and possibly enlarged. If they're just placeholders, that's fine, but if not you need to either get vectors or make some.

The audio sounds a little tinny to me, especially for the male voice. It COULD be because I'm on a laptop, but I'm not entirely convinced the problem is all on my end. When I listen to this, then some other flashes back to back, there does seem to be a difference in quality.

The dialogue seems slightly clunky, to be perfectly honest. "A rare case of amnesia, and a strong hit too if you can't even remember your name. Also makes sense why you freaked about a talking pony, especially since you are one yourself." It might have been better written as "This seems like a rare case of amnesia. It must have been a strong hit too, if you can't even remember your name. That would also explain why you freaked out about a talking pony, especially since you are one yourself." Furthermore, she has no way of knowing that head trauma is what caused the memory loss, and it seems more likely that she'd think thebiggest evidence that he forgot normal things would be that in their world ALL ponies can talk. Sort of like "...about a talking pony - how else would you forget something like that?" Another example: "...and the forest works in strange ways. Such as the weather moves and changes on its own, and the plants grow by themselves." I don't think you need "such as" there. There are a few others like that throughout - they don't quite ring true. Additionally, the text doesn't always match the audio - you may want to fix that. You're also going to want an editor to check for grammar and spelling and capitalization and whatnot. Maybe even get another writer to bounce ideas off of. If you want it to be YOUR story, then that's okay, but there's nothing wrong with getting a consultant, so to speak.

Also, was Twilight always that testy? She seems pretty short tempered for trying to deal with someone apparently having a freak-out. Yelling at someone who's losing it isn't going to help.

Finally, the story so far - human mysteriously ponified in Equestria, and with amnesia no less - isn't very original, but it IS only the beginning, so it's not fair to judge it yet. Just make sure you come up with something really spectacular to set it apart. Which is not to say that what you've got planned WON'T be, but be careful anyway.

And just to throw in an additional little bit of personal nonsense, you managed to hit a pet peeve of mine - she asked if there are any other kinds of towns besides one filled with ponies. What about griffons, or zebras, or donkeys? Even in the show, it bugs me how they always seem to forget ponies aren't the only intelligent species in their world. It doesn't have too much to do with this in particular - I'm just yammering.

Here's hoping the final product turns out great!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Wow, this game sure does look alright :)
But this better not be a "clopping" game, otherwise I'm out XP

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Need an option to turn off the voices at the very least the main character voice


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice work i can't wait to see the full version. :D

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

I can´t consider this a game,or a demo. It´s just a trailer...