Babez Ablaze

August 21, 2012 –
July 6, 2015
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The beauties are on fire! Literally...

Help these babes bust out of their beauty school before the blaze blasts them!


yeah burn babe burn

Nice work its playable... humorous and rather nice to practice my twitch reflexes.
Kinda felt that its impossible to save them all but i sure as sugar tried, with an initial good score of 172.
The best part about this game was the music MY god i was laughing the whole time ...and I don't know why?

A replay button is a necessary function for a game involving a score board.

Maybe the girls could have some kind of reaction based on your performnce that would be a good addition I think

Hint: to save more babes, you need to move your hand rapidly forth and back horizontally. Not vertically.

I saved 134 babes, and not even ONE is agree to do "things' with me ???

Refund !!!

needs more levels

Rated e..??? sorry but this should be rated T... fun game...

pretty good.

lmfao, good game made me laugh watching the bones break.


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2.79 / 5.00