Tower of Kanthor

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Pew Pew 5 Points

Buy a magic shot.

I hate dying 25 Points

Buy all health upgrades.

I hate taking damage 25 Points

Buy all armor upgrades.

I like killing things 25 Points

Buy all sword upgrades.

I hate Kanthor 50 Points

Kill Kanthor.

Author Comments

Move -- Arrow Keys
Jump -- X
Attack -- C
Shoot -- V
Pause/Upgrade -- P
Mute -- M


Not bad. My only major complaint is that you have the 'x' button as jump instead of using the up arrow.

The graphics and gameplay are both good, just not spectacular. I do, however, love the music

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This is a good game ,but has several problems. It lags between levels, what that done on purpose? This game has an upgrade problem that seems to be common. Even if you buy all of the upgrades the game is still very challenging. If your going to have upgrades, once you buy them all the game should be easy. This game needs a healing feature. This game also needs a double jump.

I did defeat the game ,and saw the very short ending. The medals work, and I earned them all. I look forward to a sequel with some improvements.

That's a fun game. Really. But the jump button is 'x' and it's kinda bad to me. There's not much upgrades or levels. I would like to see the tower of kanthor 2. BTW funny joke. George Kanthor wasn't.

I'm going to start by saying I didn't like this game, but hear me out.
I saw what you were going for, and you could have done it so easily but you just... failed. First of all the controls are okay, the placement could have been better but for this game, the controls work. The jumping for some reason doesn't feel right. I like the graphics except that they look awkward. But what I think was the worst, was the player hit detection/hit animation. The hit detection sucked, no matter how good you are at dodging you will get hit by objects not even close to you. The hitting sound and animation were worse. You could hardly hear that sound, so you should make it louder and more of a THUMP then a *blip*. Also the grey thing was nice, but turning red would have worked better. And also, the player doesn't recoil from the hits. The other enemies do. THAT IS BAD.
As far as gameplay, I got used to it eventually. I liked how the same floor design could have different enemies. For some reason the boss music plays even after you die. The user interface was weird and bad, and upgrading feels clunky, and the achievements lie because I DIED A LOT AND I DIDN'T HATE IT.
All in all 3/5. You could have done better, and the end product was mediocre, but I know what you were going for and I'll be honest I had a bit of fun playing this.

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3.61 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2012
8:16 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other