Tower of Kanthor

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Pew Pew 5 Points

Buy a magic shot.

I hate dying 25 Points

Buy all health upgrades.

I hate taking damage 25 Points

Buy all armor upgrades.

I like killing things 25 Points

Buy all sword upgrades.

I hate Kanthor 50 Points

Kill Kanthor.

Author Comments

Move -- Arrow Keys
Jump -- X
Attack -- C
Shoot -- V
Pause/Upgrade -- P
Mute -- M


Great old school hack n slash/platformer. Sequel?

at first i said to myself this is sh** then i kept playing and i thought THIS IS FFUUUUNNN

Fine and inspiring 8-bit style graphics, I can agree with other posters; could use more levels, enemies, more upgrades and perhaps some special abilities/magic attacks be used would greatly improve this game. Great work!

Awwrite, this looks good. Pixely games like this don't lag out my computer, so I'm already pumped. Fuck yeah! Achievments and everything! And hey, Mcleod! Didn't he make that sweet mashup fighter game?
Okay, level 1. That sword animation is terrible... but I realize, you have to get REALLY fucking close to these guys! I already lost like 5 or 6 health from level 1 because I had to get super close to kill anything. Can I just jump around it?
Okay, so I can skip over enemies-- but jeez! I keep getting hit by the blue volcanoes... are they frying my potato? .__.
Aaah! you can't knock volcanoes off their platforms! They just bounce the otherway and hit you in the potato. Hey, so what do these coins do anyw-- I paused the game to type because this level has bats. OH. SO THAT'S WHAT COINS ARE FOR. Bought 1 HP boost because I could afford it-- and then stopped, because apparently the price scales? yikes! Also, i can attack while jumping, which is good to know, because that bat was blocking my way. AAH! okay, so volcanoes CAN jump off platforms of their own volition.
Wait, wtf, this bat is green. And hey, those volcanoes are green! HEY! He drops two coins! Fuck yeah, now I'm tinfoil potato! But those green volcanoes move faster, too!
Okay... I get the feeling my commentary is going to repeat itself from here on out. Let me just recap: You've got scaling enemy difficulty, a functioning shop system with meaningful upgrades/powerups, and gameplay that you can't just exactly blow through if you want to not die. Yeah, the sword graphic could be better, but jesus, if that's the greatest of your worries, then your game is fucking amazing. All the parts are there, and it's fun. 5/5, bitch.

Gonna go finish now-- THEN I'll rate...
AH! SKELETON ON MY HEAD! (1 hp ;__;)
Maybe they're robots, they only move when I'm close enough to them...
AH! GUYS! Wait, when I die I don't die, I just go back?

Okay. Might make it even more challenging, since once you start upgrading your sword it become much easier, and since there are infinite continues (...I think).
Still, damn good game. I think the levels are randomized, so replayability is a thing too.

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I enjoyed it it was short and to the point 20 levels of fun. I'm hoping for a Sequel it would be nice more levels and more objects to level up. Fun time killer.

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Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2012
8:16 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other