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Aliens are invading. Use your trusty laser turret to fight off the ufo's,alien tanks and falling meteors!


I make fire 20 times, and i can't more...
Too boring...

Crude graphics, the music was too repetitive, slow, useless instruction, no way to start where you left, and exept for shooting incredibly slow enemies with an extremly slow laser there is nothing to do and it gets boring so fast that any person who got after the 3° wave has an incredible amount of patience. Maybe it could be improved with more upgrades, removing the slow-mo feel and better graphics. Ah and sounds: they were pretty annoyng. Also the "bosses" should be at the end of a wave, and when you kill them the wave should end or. Better luck next time.

Crude graphics and a repetitive soundtrack for a crude and repetitive game. Needs more difficult enemies, a faster pace, and aesthetics need a major overhaul. After getting to 10000 points, there still didn't seem to be more than one upgrade available, and the slow rate of fire of the enemies means that the ability to repair yourself makes you all but invincible.

Maybe it gets better later on in the game, but it would take an extremely patient person to play this for longer than 5 minutes, even with the occasional nyancat appearance.

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It glitched after I repaired my shit in the second wave for some reason.

Not bad, though.

was okay but needs some work after killing the huge ufo i couldint fire and kill the small ones...

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2.41 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2012
2:17 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed