3am Steam Chat

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So a friend of mine recorded our steam chat from about midnight to the butt-crack of dawn, and I said I'd animate it, so I did... yup.


I must say this is very good, the animation is superb. And your chat, man, I was laughing until I couldn't breath. This kind of work could make you a (internet) legend.

Just keep practicing with your animation and I hope that you can find great ideas. Or you could keep up with this and make a series out of it (just a suggestion).

Also If I could make (another) suggestion, try to make more body language. You know like when you talk, move your body a little here and there. Or even add your arms in so that they express what they feel. e.g When you want to be serious, point your finger at the person (or screen).

Great animation guys and a few more things that I wanted to ask. Who was the one who recorded the chat, the guy who's wearing the coat or the one with the sunglasses? And also what program did he used to record you guys and himself?

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Fantishow responds:

The guy in the sunglasses did it with fraps.

Hey guys, jackass in the Jesus Trench coat here, just letting you all know that "the other show that does that" is none other than... *deep breathe*

sorry, had to take a breather. ANYWAYS, the show is none other than the YogPod

OH NOES, I've unleashed the horde!
Anyways, get ready for more. I have the power of friendship. Meaning I can force him to make more at my whim.

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Fantishow responds:

It's true. This is the trench coat guy, and "that other show that does that" is the yogpod.

I lol'd. So take some stars. I lol'd TOO HARD. Also, Twilight.

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Now I just wanna know what "that other show that does that" is....

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Fantishow responds:

There are plenty that do that. I just don't want to risk the flame from the legion of fanboys that follow that particular show.

Wait a second... you're Speedo Sausage?! I love you! Have my babies!

I actually found a lot of reasons to laugh at this, so you definitely get a 5. Keep up the good work and if u ever need voiceovers, I'm your man.

Fantishow responds:


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3.30 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2012
12:47 AM EDT
Comedy - Original