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Infinite Chain

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Deus vs Seer


My first flash animation.....everrrrrr! Yay. : )
The game it's based off of is here: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/600110


OK, for some reason this is 5MB large haha...

Just a few tips, don't make your animation have a large resolution, 640x480 is pretty much the maximum you should aim for, remember newgrounds can re-size your animation to enlarge it, and you wont loose any quality because flash uses vector graphics.

Secondly, you just used the 12 frames per second default setting on your flash program, try increasing it.
24 frames per second(FPS) renders a fluid enough animation, however you should always aim for something like 60FPS.

I see you used Tween, and did some frame-by-frame animation, no opinions there, we all have our art styles, it was nice, but really, increase the frame-rate or it just ends up looking like a picture slideshow.

Shoko responds:

I knew the optimum is 24/fps but I totally forgot about changing the default when I started making it! I'll definetely change it in the future. Also, I drew all the frames in an external program at 1024x720p since I dislike the 'smoothness' of vector art.

I'll be sure to keep these in mind for next time, so thanks a lot for the advice!

You know, ever though it is simple and without sound, it still bears a kind of anime charm, and the silence does not do it any discredit.
An innocent reminder of how all of the artists here got their starts :)
Great work ^_^

Kkinda weird but i kinda liked it..

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Aug 17, 2012
8:18 PM EDT