Epexsus Episode 1

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It's finally here! HORRAH!

*filter-whore warning, you'll need a good computer to view this at full speed, if you have performance problems, consider watching the youtube version, in which there is a link in the menu*

Note that this is 15 minutes long, while it loads, grab a snack or something!

Epexsus is a internet-based flash cartoon series created and animated by me, Dylan Simpson since 2009.


The setting of the series is based on the distant planet of Epexsus, where war between humans has devastated the planet and it's human population, the humans have made "tribes" for themselves that there are now hundreds of, small warfare still goes on between tribes, but it's not as severe as the "Great War" the main world-wide war that happened over 400 years ago that diminished the humans into a few. The humans have repopulated only a small portion of what they were before.

I'm much more active at my deviantart, you should watch me there! parimak.deviantart.com


Though it wasn't superb overall, it has some great great strengths like...
The plot really has potential into expanding a vast number of ideas..
and the VOICE ACTOR of Makota was unbelievably good for the "generic main character" role which I thought stood out the most out of all.
But effort is really what its all about.

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I hope this doesn't seem too harsh to you, because it must have taken ages for you to make. But I'm just telling you how it is in my eyes, nothing personal.

I couldn't watch through to the end, infact I doubt I even made it a quarter of a way through this thing. So if my review seems a bit biased or the rest of the animation after I stopped watching is actually the best thing ever, know that it is because the plot is probably the most agonizing, poorly written, generic piece of bullshit anime ripoff ever. COME ON, all it is is your typical post-apocalyptic setting that you can find anywhere nowadays, with some ugly Naruto + Last Airbender plot. All with some typical "Can't we all get along?" sort of theme. Something any eight year old autistic child could've come up with. If you really want to keep the story though (I can't imagine why other than the fact you worked for so long at it), change the way you tell it. For example, the audience doesn't need a huge intro explaining everything, but leave them clues so they can figure it out themselves.

In the very beginning you have gradients all over the place. Then when you get to the part with the dog chase from then on out no more gradients! It's like gradients are some mystical force that, if you use them, they can only be used in excess. If you balance gradients over normal paintbrush than you already have a significantly better piece. Sure, it must be easy to switch between styles when working on large pieces that take time, but consistency is important! Still, the art in this is okay, and with 15 minutes of this one part of an entire series it must be the best one person could do. Just remember quality>quantity, I'd rather watch 1 minute of something with great art than a full internet series of mediocre art and a plot that made me want to skin something cute.

I can't truly complain about anything else, the voice acting was alright and the people actually had some character to them, even though a few things could've been done better with the characters dialouge, like that guy at the beginning might have had some wittier wittier thing to say other than "Fine!" to that military dude. That's just me though, the musical queues and the cinematography were spot on in my opinion.

I can tell you are capable of great art worthy of great awards, but if you're going to change ANYTHING about how you do things, please put into consideration this review. If you want people to take your work seriously, you have to remember quality>quantity, work on other things instead of focusing all your time on one project for years at a time. I'm also sorry for anyone who had to go through reading all these words.

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Parimak responds:

Thank you for critizing instead of hating, but don't judge a story when you've only watched the first episode a "quarter of the way through" I see what you mean and if you look at the story a certain way then it may seem kind of ridiculous at first, but trust me when I say that it gets much better and much more complex, not as much as I'd like it in this first episode, but as it goes on. I know a lot of you newgrounders don't like anime-based movies or stories, but I think I've done a pretty good job at dodging a lot of popular anime cliches. But obviously, there was some that I had to leave in to make this work. Yeah there are a couple things as far as the art/story/scripted-dialogue goes that I'm not proud of that I couldn't fix due to time restraints, but don't be so quick to judge things next time. Watch a series at least a couple episodes in before you say the plot/story is bullshit.

i love this kind of genre good plot development and you were very consistant with the kind of animation you used. when will the next episode be out

Parimak responds:

By the end of this year! Thanks!

This is very good i look forward to more and i dont know if its only me but Makoto reminded me of Simon from Gurren Lagann

Parimak responds:

Makota definitely had some inspiration from Simon. Thanks for the review!

This was awesome!

Parimak responds:

Thank you! : D

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