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The goal is escaping the building of an ex military barrack St. Katarina, near Pula, Croatia.
Search for clues.
Click everywhere, some things can be picked up!
You can also zoom and unzoom them and drag them.
Some are useless, but others may contain other useful clues.



Too many bugs:
- Items are draggable in the inventory, they shouldn't because if you combine them they stick below the original item and you cannot replace them back.
- The magnifying glass hit area is too small. Why not just the whole item area, easier for toggle mag.view on/off.
- Also the magnied view of items shouldn't be stackable, so close the mag. view of an item before you view another item.
- Dont know if you need the code from one of the striped shirts, but I cannot read the numbers on my display, just too small.
- It shouldn't be possible to insert accidently numbers from the far view on the code panel.
- The 5 green stars on the code panel change in size if you go to the code panel and then reset with 'x'.
- blurry background (especially the window view to outside where you find the CY-code)

(couldnt find the 5 digit code..)

Couldn't finish the game because the inventory items kept sticking and I couldn't close them. I noticed I'm not the only one it's happened to so it really needs to be fixed.

I loved the game, but some of the background images were blurry and the items were too conspicuous.
Also, in the ending cinematic, why were you only showing the person's feet?

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Areeei responds:

You won't believe it, but you're the first one that comments the low-res in the background images. It's actually blurry on purpose; I was making a research on whether random video material can work in a video game or not :)
Thanks for the review, KarmaPunch! :)

The inventory was buggy. I liked the ability to zoom in and interact with the items. However the items would stick and/or disappear when dragged. Lost an important item this way and could not finish.

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3.01 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2012
10:21 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click