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Mr. President is on the mission to deal with the US national debt once and for all. Help him to save the country from going bunkrupt!

Use space bar to launch Mr. President.
Left/right arrows to rotate.
Press X to use the kite, C to use jetpack, P to pause.


Fun little game to play when you have 10 minutes of spare time, gotta love it.

This has already been done before, only way better. And I neither like the visual style nor the music. Sorry.

Its a nice game

A good way to kill 10 minutes.

Nothing too elaborate here, just a simple launch, collect, and upgrade game that was a great way to kill some time during a break. I liked all the upgrades, even though some were not overly useful in the grand scheme of things, more specifically the trash cans, pelicans, and even the money trucks to a certain extent. I felt that more relevant objects could of been used in their place such as potholes instead of trash cans, and if you devoted more money to infrastructure they would be patched up, or something along those lines. I did like the bull (

I do have to agree with the person that said that the music was good, but the sound effects of when you collect the money start to be a little too much once you get the rocket pack. Towards the end when you had three kites and two rocket packs it would just be a blur of money collecting, especially since a lot of the higher dollar values were all right next to each other in a line. Maybe spacing them out a little more and increasing their value would fix that problem.

I would have also liked some way of losing money mixed in. Like if you landed incorrectly on the pogo stick you would have to pay medical bills, and if you upgraded health care enough, in the end, it wouldn't cost you any money upon landing weird. I feel the only thing I was really disappointing in was the fact that upon landing on the street, his physical appearance never changed, and there was no blood. I think that was the only real thing I noticed that was missing, and would have made it a little more interesting in the end.

Good work either way.

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When you get all upgrades, you get about 400,000 every launch :3 I really like the music, but
when you get the money at like 60 height ( I got to 100 ) the noise is kinda annoying
Fairly easy, played at evening and morning and finished in 45 launches

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3.69 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2012
11:59 AM EDT
Action - Other