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Refrigerator Adventure

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You've been purchased and used in the kitchen with no appreciation, you will no longer tolerate it. You, a refrigerator will embark on a journey of a lifetime... hop you go as you overcome difficult obstacles and challenges as you try to escape from your owner and get back to your friends, jimfridge and tomfridge.

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A funny idea, but the gameplay is nearly impossible.
It's impossible to gauge distance to something that'll kill you, there's no precision.
Navigating this game is next to impossible.

I like to completely finish a game before reviewing it, which meant I had to sit through all 13 levels of infuriating hit detection. Of course, as you'd expect, the first few levels didn't annoy me as much because the hit detection did not matter, but once I reached level 8 or 9 I was ready to scream after I fell into that green stuff (Sewage? Paint? Slime? Boogers? I have no idea) about a hundred times.

The green stuff wasn't the only thing that confused me, though. The water I assumed would kill me, but it only does so if I stay in it too long. If I jump, however, I am safe and impervious to the evil H2O. It would be nice if the game explained that a little clearer. Also, there must be something done about those microscopic little spikes that poke up from the ground. They were both too hard and too easy to get past, thanks to the hit detection. If I stayed on the ground, the game didn't care how far from them I was; it was back to the start for me even if no spikes were in sight. However, jumping let me get past even though I was clearly touching just about every single one on the way.

But what took the cake for me was level 13. Oh god, those holes were made by the devil himself. I admit once I got the final fridge it was a cinch, but I was trying to beat everything in the game with the first fridge. Hey, he was a great little fridge, and I didn't have the heart to replace him with a futuristic and bland black refrigerator. So, what I had to do was jump again and again in the hopes of getting past that hole. 99% of the time I'd either fall without even jumping or fall through the next bit of floor, even though the fridge itself looked like it could get over the hole with little effort if fridges could jump in real life.

The challenges were pretty good. I didn't play two of them, but I wish I had because the first one was quite fun. You did a good job there.

All in all, it's good, but the hit detection killed it for me. Just make sure you test the next game you make if you decide you will make another (which I hope you do)

Sorry but U must do something about "hit" thingy
Sorry but for me {and maybe some other players} getting killed by air is bad rly... and annoying
0 sorry
try better next time and think of something more alive? ;P

This game's hit detection makes it nigh-unplayable.

I agree with RiceNBeans... the hit detection was awefull and the ending was unsatisfying. Loved the first few levels where the hit detection didn't matter too much... but those damn ground spikes on the city level -_- I had to wait for every single spike to go down before I could panic jump across. If a single spike went up, even when I was no where near, I'd die.

-_- good concept, needs a bit more work though