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A dark pestilence creeps across sky and earth shrouding the land in mystery and turmoil. Select from one of three heroes and embark on your epic journey through the world of Amiran. Solve puzzles, fight battles, rescue maidens, uncover sinister plots and upgrade your hero as you rise to your destiny.


**This game includes premium content through GamerSafe.**
Please do not give 0 star ratings simply because there is a login and premium content system. Judge without bias.


Enjoy the game!


Sorry, this game is bad. The fact that you require a log in to save is an insult. This game is not good, by any stretch of the imagination. It's pretty bad, so i'm giving it a 0 star.

what is the desset for

So far the only thing I dislike is the whole religion thing.. Honestly I don't give a shit about your religion I just want to play the damn game. Other then that I enjoy the classic feel of the game and all I ask is you continue and try to make this game better or come out with a second one.

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do you think that when Jesus comes back he's gonna be like "hey bro, thanks for dedicating that game to me. My favorite part was all the violence."

coordinatez responds:

I'm not counting on it.

Haha, I love reading the past comment on this site, mostly about the gamersafe and about another site. Well, I'm on this site so I comment only afew which is within this site:
__NG people sure knows how to write a comment, and the authors answering the questions just keeps his cool, nice one coordinatez.

Haha, enough goofing off,
Okey, here's the real comment:
1) The game graphic seems to be too blurry
2) The difficulty is suitable for most players, but to those who seeks REAL adventure *not me*, they may prefer harder challenges, so a difficulty changeable buttons would alwys welcome in NG
3) Would like it more if the game is more exciting
4) The game have an old school feels to it, but I doubt it will get people excited for long
5) first time playing and I can't seem to get to know the game mechanics, like where to use the item, how to activate skills and such. Need a proper order of stuff or more like 'user-friendly' mechanics
6) no save game, no life!
7) the game could be a good flash game, but you throw your stones too far asking for an id and real money *but it doesn't affect my rating*
8) Can't expect much of the game besides better storyline since the gaming system aren't what people would prefer playing for long.
9) not like I wanna put my interest in this, but I like platformer game with hot and cute chicks, so games like this one doesn't really up to my taste.
10) I don't get much excitment out of this quite heavy flash game of 16.9mb

Anyway, for this genre of game, you make quite a decent flashgame. I rate this game out of its own genre, not out of my selfish interest.
A piece of advice: If you wanna make new game, try to know whom your target players are and what they like and do they take a liking of your work or they just oblivious to your existence... Make a good game for the appropriate players of appropriate site, and you get satisfactions out of the players satisfactions.

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2.85 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2012
11:19 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG