Lucky Boy Adventure

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The lucky boy is out in the forest in search of diamonds. Guide him through the forest
while finding the diamonds.


This is a poor version of a Mario platformer. The controls need work, the screen and the characters should be larger.

Not another mario clone... please!
Small sprites and the controls are not so responsive.

I can appreciate a challenging platformer, but there's too much working against your game. For starters, dying doesn't restore your lifebar boosts throughout, also it needs an option to continue, Pause would have been nice too. The way this camera can't be adjusted to see what's below you often forces the player to take a blind leap of faith, usually straight into an enemy. I get the "lifebar" is a timer, but it's pretty redundant and misleading having this while a single hit means -1 Life anyway. Why does the game go straight back to the beginning after completing level 3? Seems a bit too little for having practically no substance to begin with.
I'm sorry, but I have nothing positive to say about your game. 0.5 / 10

Controls are too sticky, you should expand on this game and let me know what I'm doing there.

bad controls ruins the whole game so 2/5 because you could probably make a better game :O

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2.77 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2012
6:34 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG