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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Pong Blasta

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I love you Jenay! 25 Points

Srs, I love you for helping me out <3.

lol Red Pin you suck at this 25 Points

Achieve 6000 points while your opponent is at a negative score

Wow I screwed up bad 25 Points

Do so bad that you are forced to hit the "Give Up" Button

You get em uber helper dude! 25 Points

Win a round with your sidekick

Faster! Faster! You got this uber helper dude! 50 Points

that boy sure is faast

uber helper dude you got big D: 50 Points

no homo

High score time! 100 Points

get uber helper dude to be very large or very fast

Skillz that killz 100 Points

Get a difficulty of 8 or higher

Uber haxor ball 100 Points

Get the ball to reach a speed to match the incredible skillz of uber helper dude! (the ball must go faster than a laser can travel)

Author Comments

By: Baris Gokpinar
Spraying lasers is very costly but allows you to win a lot easier. If you are having trouble, I would recommend using more lasers. Also try uber helper dude from the main menu! He is uber helpful especially if you upgrade him
This is my first game. Since I was young I had wanted to start making flash games for newgrounds. I decided that I would start with a small familiar game, pong. I later went on to add some little twists for fun and ended up with this. I decided that this was enough practice and that I would start on a bigger game. Well, here is my first game that I did for practice, I hope you enjoy it.

p to pause
up and down arrow keys control the pin
w and s also control the pin like the up and down arrow keys
space bar shoots lasers - this will deduct one point from your required 6000 to win

lasers reflect - makes lasers reflect off of the pins (i.e. you can send back your enemies lasers and the enemy can send back yours)
your pin grows - each time the ball hits your pin your pin grows slightly
enemy pin grows - each time the ball hits the enemy pin, the enemy pin grows slightly
uber helper dude - a little helper dude that helps you beat that mean ol red pin. If you treat him well and win some battles with him on your side you can help him to grow bigger and stronger.

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thanks for the 100k points worth of test medals XD

A fun game although it can be quite frustrating at higher levels. Also using uber helper dude can be more of a hindrance than anything since he wastes so much ammo. However not a bad game all around

Choga responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Uber helper dude becomes very useful when you upgrade him, but you make a good point. It is not very clear that he will eventually become useful and it seems that he is just there to make your life harder. In the future I will make sure to avoid this problem. Thanks again! :)

Not much of a good game.

In fact, I find it mediocre.

1 star for trying.

Choga responds:

Alright. Explaining why you did not like the game would have been nice, but thanks for the feedback anyways.

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job!!!!

Choga responds:

Thank you :). I am happy that you enjoyed it.

Having fun at the moment, no time to say something witty about how much fun this is.

Choga responds:

Oho I see what you did there :P. Well I'm glad you had fun :).