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I got my drawing tablet today!!!
So I made an animation of pretty much what happened

Edit: Sorry there is no sound.. Still haven't figured out why that doesn't work :/

Does anybody know how to make the movie so that it loads and then you press play?
If anybody could answer that it would be helpful.. Also.. Does anyone know any good free animation software?


it repeats....a lot

use ms paint and windows movie maker....That's how all the pros do it man.

DubstepNachos responds:

Oh wow thanks...

Pencil is a nice animation software. I just downloaded Synfig Studio It's supposed to be an opensource Toon Boom clone. Just never forget your first love, the pencil and paper.

Well no sound, and the animation suck, sorry bro. But think to upload something you could be proud of, and something that user like you and me can see and apreciate rightly.
Sorry for my english.

Oh, and the "make the movie so that it loads and then you press play?" it's a loader.

I havent uploaded nothing before, but it's really nice having a loader, im using it xD

There you have them : http://www.newgrounds.com/downloads/p reloaders/

Only download de .swf and place it in your first frame.

However, it have instructions.

Luck ;)

DubstepNachos responds:

Thanks.. I guess..

1. get flash its worth it, sorry but its true
2. you have a tablet but you animations will never be good unless you put more effort into them
3. once you made an animation in flash get a preloader from community>downloads>flash loaders
4. don't publish until your work is working properly
5. read the book Richard Williams - The Animator's Survival Kit
6. just take your time to make a good animation

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