The Fox and the Grapes: No Evil 001

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Starring Young Kajortoq (Kitty). I wish to do several Fables , North American Native Myths, Mesoamerican Myths and even some Tall Tales using my little cast of Fuzz-Butts. And this would be the first (wanted to give it a whorl with something short and Easy).

The lovely thing about Aesop Fables is that they are so dang short and vague You can faff with the feeling they instil. One usually assumes the Fox character is lazy and inherently contemptuous. But with most folk, they don't come to the level of Feeling contempt for the things they want (as is the moral) until quite desperate.... So I tried to make this seem very pathetic. As for the indiscriminate Black evil Ick.... Thaaat actually is in reference to more stuff that will be for a wider story and it's characters, it is enough to know it's dangerous.

Yes I'm working on SSSDC 4..... It has been tough to organize Voice recording during the busy summer.


Q: Are you into furry's :O?
A: Of course xDD
review : was nice and btw great animation good job

Very nice animation, Very interesting take on the classic fable. The creeping darkness was a very nice touch.

No Idea why the score isn't higher, but you know....trolls and haters. What're ya gonna do.

5/5 Both, and faved!

great now im curious in knowing what the hell that black stuff was what does darkness evolve in a physical form in her world or sumthing dammit!!!!!! XD

P.S. she could have thrown a rock or something at the steam of the grapes...............................
......... or set the tree on fire >:$ burrrnnnn i like fire :P

damnit now im a furrie >.> cute

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aww... made me sad :,( i love it, it was cute....... YAY FURRYS !!

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Aug 9, 2012
4:51 PM EDT