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BlackJack with vampire

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BlackJack with an unusual opponent


You lose half a star because of how it says "vampire have X" rather than "vampire has X", I look at bad English in an English game with disdain. You lose another half a star because if you end up with a dollar amount which is not a multiple of 5 as a result of getting blackjack while betting an odd multiple of 5 dollars, you can be left with for instance 2 dollars, and be unable to proceed. You lose when you get to 0, but if you're left with 2 dollars, you're unable to proceed because the bet always must be a multiple of 5. But this is not a critical error compared to the problems with MOST of the blackjack games on Newgrounds, doing things like only counting aces as 1, or the dealer not hitting on hands less than 17 because it's higher than the player's hand.

Other than that, what the hell are the other reviewers EXPECTING? It's blackjack. That's ALL there is to the game. That's all it ever was. That's all it could have been. That's what it is. If you want something else, then don't play blackjack. The best blackjack game ever, masque blackjack for DOS, has lousy graphics and no music. But it's not about the graphics or music. It's the best because it's a very good BLACKJACK game, not a very good music box, and it's instructional about how to count cards and it has a mode where it tells you your exact odds based on the cards that have come up already and what you should be betting each hand based on it. So what do you idiots want, you want the vampire to make out with you every time you win or some crap?

overall lame..graphics are crap. no music. ya blam blam blam

The grafics of the game are lame,there is no music and nothing interesting happens,so if you win or loose the hand it makes no diference.It`s just a waste of time.

no, just, no...

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2.37 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2012
2:18 PM EDT
Sports - Casino & Gambling