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A few days ago my mom had stroke like symptoms so, I called the ambulance and when she was in the ER they took a CAT-scan and thought she had a hemorhage but, after an MRI they found 3 masses in her brain furthur tests will be needed to see if they are melignent or, "cancerous" my moms been sick for 3 years now and they could never find the "source" or it.. only underlying conditions.. I really hope that it'd not cancer and if this is the source of her seizures etc that they can fix it...

I could only spend like 5 hours on this because, i wanted to have it done before she could come back home and have a nice suprise to watch. :)

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It made me cry, so it gets five stars? Lol I hope your mother gets better, and I hope you're doing OK.

keolamation responds:

;) that really means a lot! and I'm doing fine.. shes been improving a little bit since the hospital..

that's nice :) i know it's simply but it means a lot

keolamation responds:

yeah my mom loved it! also, thanks a lot man!! :)

dude, this is nice and all for your mom but u shouldnt put a donate button for youself to recieve the cash -_- , make it a cancer research charity donation or something.
anyway i hope the best for your family

keolamation responds:

I already had that donation link up. on another videoand decided I didn't have enough time to change it. not that big of a deal any donation with a note on it I'll gladly put twards my mom thats why it's up.

Get Well Soon. Hope your mother can defeat cancer monster. I totally undertsand how you feel, my grandma has cancer too, intestinal cancer. God bless

keolamation responds:

yeah I hope in 6 months the MRI comes back ok so, its not a serious cancer!! my mom already has hghs syndrom "blood clotting" and bone degeneration I tried to make this animation as like a little kid would cause to a other their childern will always be their babies. :)

Try to read your text at a normal meter (a normal speed). If the screen changes before you get to the end of your text, then it's too fast and you need to slow it down.

Yes, slow it down. Don't lower the frame rate, as it'll be choppy. Just insert more frames to the timeline so the pictures (text) is onscreen longer.

Good luck, bud. :)

keolamation responds:

yeah as I said it was just a bit rushed cause the last 2 days I visit my mom in hospital so, today I decided to try to make an animation in like 5hours from the time I woke up till dad would drive her back home..

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Aug 8, 2012
6:09 PM EDT