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Shy Gays

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A HILARIOUS sitcom involving two shy guys from the Super Mario series! Watch out, there's lots of clever writing heavily based on video game references with LOADS of wit! It takes some real original thinking to pull something like THIS out! Fridays, 8/7 Central only on TBS, Very Funny.

I just whipped this piece of garbage out in a day, mainly for something to put up on YouTube, but also to make fun of parodies. And after thinking it over multiple times, I just went to the conclusion "oh WTH let's just do it" and decided to upload this to NG. This is just some random thing I did involving shy guys, basically it's supposed to be a parody OF parodies. Though obviously I'm guilty of making video game spoofs as well, it annoys me sometimes how that's ALL SO MANY USERS UPLOAD now. Once every now and then is fine if there's some clever satire or something you thought of and you wanted to share it with everyone, but EVERY video??? It's what everyone's doing, the jokes always end up falling flat, everything is just so predictable and tiring to look at.

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well that was short,guess ill get some pie then.