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Aeon Defense

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Aeon Defender 25 Points

Win at least one battle in Aeon Defense

Duelist 25 Points

Win a duel

Juggernaut 50 Points

Win the game and kill more than 400 enemies

Author Comments

Game is based on Dota map for Warcraft3, so it uses similar mechanics.

The goal of the game is to destroy enemy castle while protecting yours. Player controls the Hero which he can level up and upgrade in other ways (buying items and artifacts in the store, collecting runes).
Both castles are on the different sides of the map. Every now an than a wave of monsters (creeps) are spawned on both bases an march at the opposite castle. Also there is AI (Computer controlled) Heroes that play at both player and enemy sides.

Creeps in the middle corridor are generated by the castle. Creeps in top and bottom corridors are generated by the BARRACKS. If you loose your barracks it will stop producing troops (same for the enemy). Destroying enemy barracks is much easier than destroying castle.

Hero is controlled with mouse. You can click on the ground to move or on the enemy to attack it with primary Hero attack.

All Heroes can learn special abilities (Skills) as they level up. Available skills will appear on skills panel and can be applied by clicking on the skill icon or using hotkey (1-9 on the keyboard).

You can return to your Hero at any time by pressing 'Space Bar'. This will snap camera to the Hero. Pressing 'Space Bar' again will free the camera.

Please see in game Help and Rules sections for more details.

Update 8/14/2012

Thanks everyone for feedback:

1. Fixed several bugs
2. You can now disable mouse scroll in options
3. Added new tier 3 items to the store
4. Time in game will stop during duels
5. Added new medals

Update 8/20/2012

1. Bugfixes
2. Added town portal scroll
3. Added Rogue class

Update 9/3/2012

1. Bugfixes and UI improvements
2. New 3rd tier item for rogue and new level for stealth skill


it's small, it's slow, it's controls like crap, the UI is retarded especially if you have more than 9 spells, it annoys me but i can't stop playing it -.-

squirrelfm responds:

Bug with more than 9 spell is fixed..other than that I'm somewhat limited by flash in speed and size.

great game maybe adding pausing the game when viewing skill.Try lich class if the game is too hard

I loved that game!!! :D

but... where are the dancing squirrels?

squirrelfm responds:

It was a joke :). I was wondering when anyone notice this stuff in tutorial, it is first time.

But hard

good coppy of dota. only thing is i downed both side barracks of the enemy team and their minion still out pushed mine back to my base. their towers protecting the castle regened faster then my men could kill it while the enemy monsters downed my towers with ease.

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Credits & Info

4.19 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2012
12:36 PM EDT
Strategy - Other