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High Scores

1. Exedor 1,625
2. elmikeesmuchogrande 1,550
3. Eragon1410 1,400
4. Got2b 1,200
5. HyacinthusTurnipseed 1,150
6. ErtGertDDert 800
7. SilberBlade 750
8. Guchibakka 725
9. Teddynotes 725
10. Pyro-911 725
11. gijeem26 550
12. childrez 550
13. Fedegon 525
14. TheMightyMarful 475
15. TrueOB 475
16. suchgreatceilings 475
17. salem728 425
18. Crowfrog 400
19. mejc 400
20. A-Shift 400

Author Comments

Hardcore breakout with a random level generation. Be the first if you can survive.


It works. Graphics are good, and the game isn't broken (but Stencyl makes those really easy).

You should make the mouse an option. The blocks are unpredictable, so the ball path can be unpredictable. You even have a custom mouse too. Or at least make the pad faster.
Most of these games have a varying direction path depending on where the ball strikes the pad. This game doesn't, so no bonus points game. Not a bad first project...

pretty cool, its like brick breaker exept the bricks randomly appear making it hard to deecide where the balls going to be next.

The ball flies a little too fast. You pretty much have to know where the ball is heading instantly in order to save it. On the other hand, the ball is floating around hitting everything, catching you off gaurd when it finally comes down.

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Credits & Info

2.66 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2012
6:07 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle