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A little platforming game in which you can draw your own gravity fields.

I made this nearly a year ago, and put it up for sponsorship. I didn't find any, and forgot about it, until I recently found it again in a dusty corner of my hard drive. All levels are unlocked and it's not actually 100% finished, but I don't want to look back at the mess that is this things source file, so this is all you're getting.


Good concept, but the controls are terrible, he jumps too high, and he slides all over the place. Improve upon that, it'll be great!

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funny because of its hardness, but i made it.

This is an interesting concept. The music was pleasant and while at first I didn't really care for the visuals, I grew to like them. I really only have two complaints: first of all, this really should say somewhere that there's a limited amount of gravity field you can place. I thought my game was glitching till I noticed the meter on the side. Secondly, the margin for error on the second room where you use fields is nonexistent. I couldn't get past this room because it was such a narrow gap. Maybe I'm doing it wrong or something but as far as I can tell it's just a matter of getting it perfect, which is much easier said than done. I'm gonna give you a 4/5 for being a nice game but I wish I'd gotten to see more of it.

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new game with fun name bit hard makes you think very but thats good

Very nice non-standard game idea. With a little smoothing of the controls it would be better. Specifically, I had trouble with drawing all the gravity fields I wanted. I could only draw 3 fields on level 4, then, when I went to draw another one, the tool wouldn't work. I couldn't even clear the old gravity fields.

Very nice game, just needs some bug fixes to make it a 5/5 game.

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3.28 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2012
9:33 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle