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forest of fireflies

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15 FireFlies Catch 10 Points

15 FireFlies Catch

Defeat the spirit of the forest 10 Points

Win the Game

I Catch the Blue One 10 Points

Catch the blue FireFly

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Click the Fireflies to catch them.
The Blue Firefly is harder, you need to make a "Double Click".


Later you have to shoot the fireflies to the spirit head, avoid things and catch the fireflies (moving the mouse over not Clicking) ...


Wait for the firefly slow down the speed ( Don't break your mouse)

>()< >()< >()< >()< >()< >()< >()<

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They do slow down at some point, as said in the description. The glitches causes some of them to get stuck to the sides at random so use that to your advantage. Got all metals in a few minutes so difficulty level is low-medium. Despite the odd grammar and lack of depth, it's nice little short game to kill some time.

Getting all the medals:

Get Out You (secret medal)- Click the frog at the bottom

I Catch The Blue One-Double click the blue firefly.

Defeat The Spirit Of the Forest- No need to click the fireflies this time, just move the mouse over them to collect. Avoid the 'fire' orbs and touching any part of the forest spirit while shooting at the head.

15 Fireflies Catch- To catch all 15, you have to make sure to keep the frog (bottom) and spider (top) from eating any of the fireflies. Just watch the web and click any ones that get stuck before it gets eaten and keep the frog out of sight.

cool game!

This is an interesting flash game. Collecting fireflies and then defeating a spirit. it seems like an original concept. the graphics were good. Clicking to collect the fireflies could be easier. The medals work, and I earned them all. Will there be a sequel?

Lenke responds:

a sequel? i was thinking in that but i'm not sure...
i'm starting a new project (?)...

I think this is a pretty cool game. It is not without its flaws, as some of the gameplay is a bit too difficult. It also doesn't help that the graphics could be better. I still appreciate all that you've done with this game as it is fairly original. I was afraid the frog swallowing the fly was going to make me lose the game. Boy, was it satisfying to get that blue firefly!

I liked how the design was simple, but the gameplay was fairly complicated. I was not expecting that red demon thing to appear in this. I suppose you should get props for something original. It's overall a weird game, but decent. It makes me realize it's been a long time since I even saw fireflies.

Lenke responds:

I'm Glad of you like the game, i actually dream this game(just the part of catch the fireflies) that was the inspiration to start this game.
I always prefer be original in all my games(it's my best(?) quality) .
So i'm happy :D!

kool nice killed off some time for me i enjoyed id but for real it would be way better if you dident have to click to catch em like i have carpltunnel in my right hand right now haha but good job dude keep it up

Lenke responds:

Yes, i was thinking in that but it was pretty easy in that way, but maybe if i make a 2 part of this game more like adventure and search fireflies i will do that.