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Stable Boy

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Author Comments

UPDATE: Thanks so much for the front page and all the kind reviews you've been sending in! Many of you have been stuck at a few key places/can't find certain items so I included some hints (spoilers) at the end of these notes. Hooray for Newgrounds!

Controls: Mouse to move, A to use your weapon/tool and S to open your stash.

Story: Your village is sacked and you're the person who's going to figure out what happened! Talk to villagers and run around aimlessly and eventually you'll find your way to one of the multiple endings.

Everything else: This is a small project I made with the desire to do some pixel art and have some fun with new game mechanics. I don't include very much direction in the game because I want players to explore as much as possible, even if that means getting pissed when a wolf comes up to you and eats your face. Music was done by my friend Jessie Landis-Eigsti, so hip hip hooray for him!

****** Hints and Spoilers *****

The Lute (5th Token):
Hidden (quite hidden) somewhere on the southern section of the map. It is not in a cave and you don't have to kill anything to get it.

Slaying the Dragon (4th Ending):
You need the 5 tokens before you're in shape to slay the Dragon.

Second Ending:
This ending is a bit of a spoof, when you get to the horse, don't catch it with the Lasso. Try something else...

The Butterfly:
It's just a butterfly.

Send me a message if there are other places you get stuck! Thanks again for the reviews, you guys are so awesome.


Me:Hi Wizard:Im a wizard Me:Can you teach me a spell?I got 5 tokens. Wizard:I am a wizard. Me:FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF But seriously how do i get him to teach me spells.

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LonLonRanch responds:

The wizard doesn't actually want your tokens. He is very proud of being a Wizard though. I beg to argue that someone else in the game would love to have em'

I feel this game was quite a masterpiece in a way. The shitty control's (as everyone seems to be raving about) give it that charm in a sense. And the game was so funny through out. Maybe a little direction less in ways but that's what's great about it, and I never had a problem. Tons of classic lines, and I just loved the fact that you had poop hands in the inventory.

The music is great and fits it to a T and I have yet to play a game that was quite original in it's own way. Using cabbage as a weapon, excuse me stale cabbage. I will look forward to more of your hilarious games, hopefully with as much charm as this little gem has had. Sadly big bucks games don't seem to bring what this had brought to the table, entertainment in a vein that hasn't been seen in a while.

I am not trying to "over analyze" this but honestly it's great. And plus you gave a nice little walkthrough while not being a walkthrough more like a hint system in your info box. I found the items and I loved figuring out where items are and where they go. In that respect it made it fun. Also the writing is hilarious, clever, and not overly obtuse to try to be funny. Simplicity is key and it shines here.

Keep up the amazing work,


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LonLonRanch responds:

I would probably say that above anything else, I make video games because of players like you. I don't personally know many people who are interested in my games so getting this kind of feedback really means a lot to me.

I've made some games in the past that weren't quite 'me', but when I made Stable Boy I thought only of making a game that I personally thought would be fun to play, so I'm really glad that others like it too. ZombiefiedMind, thank you for taking the time to review the game, it was a lot of fun to make :)

That was a great game. Everything looked very nice and dialogue was hilarious.
Although the combat wasn't all there, I understand it wasn't really that type of game but when you're expected to slay a dragon, you expect more, it would've improved the game quite a lot, the mouse controls we're okay but, again, they didn't help the combat (WASD would've been better). I would've liked the final fight to have a bit more of a build up, I really wasn't expecting that dragon to turn up when he did, it would've been cool to maybe have it in a different setting like a hellish place even if the combat was pretty easy, it would be funny. The story wasn't all that good, but it was very funny, like characters coming and going from the town when you do something completely unrelated. And the subtle hints they give you (kind of). It was a really fun timewaster and I would definitely play a sequel. Oh, and I only completed 98%, I killed the dragon over a pond and now I can't pick up the tooth ):

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I played it with glee :D

I have a dog named Marcus, so I kind of freaked out when I saw the gravestone, I wasn't sure whether it was a coincidence or you somehow collected data about each of the players. But the game is sadly poop, I honestly couldn't play it, because the same button you walk with also fires your weapon, so I just kept walking into enemies, I really can't play something this shitty and enjoy it.

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Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2012
7:17 PM EDT
Adventure - Other