Magic Defender

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Gummy enemies attack you and the mission is to kill all of them by placing towers which you can update and upgrade to make them more efficient in shooting


@ Rsbuddy - If your strategy doesn't work, try a new one!!!! Don't complain because you fail.

Now to review the game.
Very solid TD; the music is catchy and you have a nice selection of towers for it being free. There are some complaints, however. First: where is the restart button? You gotta have a restart button. Second: Have you thought about Hot Keying the two spells?

That's pretty much it. All in all, very nice; art, music, tower selection, flow: all good things.


One of the hardest tower defence games I have ever played.
Mainly becouse game allows me to build just a few towers. Seems that only way how to beat this is focus on one or two types of towers and upgrade them to max. Then it still isn't much easy and when I tried to build all towers it was practicaly impossible to win. Also towers allways shoots on first enemy in line even if he's temporaly immortal in the moment.
Graphic and music are nice, awards are just for killing xxx enemies etc which makes them not worthy for getting.

A decent tower defence game.

Upgrading - When on the upgrade screen, you click on an upgrade repeatedly and spend upgrade points but when on the map screen it will show that you haven't spent the upgrade points. A player should not be able to buy an upgrade more than once ( my assumption) and should not see a reduction of upgrade points after buying an upgrade for the first time.

You might try varying the deployment cost of the towers. The Freeze and Poison tower cost the same and barely cost more than the cannon tower, are fairly powerful, and the upgrade points are easy to get. Halfway through the game I had yet to deploy the Cannon or Basic tower types outside of the tutorial.

Some grammar issues on the tutorial screen, but that more of a spit and polish thing.

Otherwise, nice graphics, easy to learn, relatively small file size and runs pretty smooth on my ancient 2000 ish laptop. Good solid game.

This game is a lot of fun, although it is really difficult on some points. I tried Level 8 over a dozen times and I'm always unsuccessful. Maybe increase the attack power of the towers would help, as I'm sure I'm not the only one to have this problem. Either that, or the orange monsters have too much HP. Or you could also add an upgrade that adds Attack points to all towers.
I need to say this game is really great despite this problem. The idea isn't original at all, but who cares? The gameplay is still fun. The graphics are alright, the awards work differently from what we see in other such games (that said, some more awards that work more like achievements would be pretty cool). Despite the major problem, my gaming experience was fun and lasted quite a few hours (though more than half of them were with me trying to complete Level 8...)

Well done. Nothing new, but enjoyable. By the way: Level 6 - a mistake? Looks like a famous symbol of WW2.

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3.27 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2012
5:46 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense
  • Daily 3rd Place August 6, 2012