Pkmn: World of Chaos Ep 8

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Author Comments

*UPDATE* 25OCT2017- Added the video version so you can watch on your mobile.
*UPDATE* Medals! You can now earn medals for completing the interactive battles!

**Front page! Thanks guys! My mind is blown! And after all the times I complained that only adult sprite flashes make FP. Insert foot in mouth.**

Okay, here is Episode 8! I did a little better this time with around 3 months of production time versus the 7 for the last episode. I did the audio a bit differently this time to cut back on file size and I clean up the code a bit more each episode. The movie controls in the top-right corner now contain a menu button and quality controls. The quality controls will also be available during the battle segments in case the flash starts to lag.

This episode contains the second of my gym leader contest winners, "Amira" the dark-type gym leader by Lea Bastian. Special thanks to Rina-chan and Potnyx for some superb voice acting. And also EASTBEAST for some extra artwork and Budge007 for testing.

As always, I like getting reviews so please leave one. If you liked it, what did you like? And if you didn't like it, what didn't you like?

Check out the official WoC page at:

Runtime: about 19 minutes.
Cast list:
Me - me.
Rina-Chan - Gardevoir
Potnyx - Amira
Megaman 20555 - Nightwatcher, Ace Trainer


that cliffhanger was very proffesional, but anyways, after watching it from episode 1 i could say that you have done a very...very...very good job, its actually hard to express in words @_@ anywho good job!!! ^_^ i shall be eagerly waiting for the next ^_^ (btw your "lost team" is that like based on an ancient pokemon team that you formed in an earlier version in a pokemon game which was lost over time or corruption of data? XD just asking, just saying that your story and plot was perfectly made and it rocks!!! *rockzz *roksszzszxzxsz whatever XD) keep up the good work!
oh no im hooked! XD

After watching the series in a span of 12 hours, I am impressed. beautiful storyline stemming from a concept of my childhood. a much darker concept, but its still nostalgic.

my first thought is that your episodes are getting darker, and the E rating may not be appropriate anymore,
my second second is that you mentioned in the reviews to others about "manual clicking for the next scene is best"
although i agree, the way your code is set up it seems to be a bit laggy when i want to keep going (it was easier for me in earlier episodes to use space instead of a mouseclick), is there a way you can incorporate better game controls during battles (such as arrow keys and spacebar?)

Thanks for the series, cant wait to see the rest.

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teejay-number13 responds:

Newgrounds doesn't have a wide variety of ratings to choose from and I don't think the series reaches the level of 'Teen'.

I tried mixing space bar and mouse click, but for some reason, they didn't work together. Besides, clicking the mouse button isn't that hard.

Hah! Dude this is amazing I love it when I just happen upon things like this on the internet. You just never know what you're gonna find. So inspiring. Great story concept, interesting characters and we even get voice acting that sounds better than some anime I've seen. (Which can be horrible). One thing I think could have been better portrayed maybe was TJ's reaction to reliving his past. That was supposed to be a very traumatic thing for him since you know it caused him not to train pokemon for awhile. I realize he's supposed to be cool and collected most of the time so I'm not asking for a blubber fest or anything. Maybe like when he got into his argument with gardovoire it comes out a little heated or when he comforts her after they realize its a dream he goes a bit more into how much it affected him instead of "i was slightly perturbed." Overall though great series. Looking forward to this and other projects of yours. SUBCRIBED!

teejay-number13 responds:

Well, Teejay kind of already dealt with it for 8 years so he's somewhat desensitized to it. He didn't have a breakdown when it first happened either, he just decided not to train anymore. Plus seeing Gardevoir so upset made him feel like he needed to be strong for her. Unfortunately I didn't add all that to the episode because if I tried to cover all the bases, I would end up writing a book instead of a script. And I have to limit the dialogue and such.

This is owesome man! Its a great story very mature and interesting. Gardevoir killing a guy turning back his head makes me think "finally a person who can understand what a pokemon can kill humans so easly". That fact makes me see the entire serie in a day" .

I sleep thinking the owesome this history is.

I really like how you express your characters. I want chapters of one hour. Just kidding but i really like it so much.

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2 questinos a does tht sighn mean no beastiality or stay away from dark pokemon
and b what happened to gardevoir at the beining when there was that thwap sound effect
but a great series

teejay-number13 responds:

It means stay away from dark pokemon. And I guess the sound effect you're talking about is when she turns around and smacks Teejay with the box she's holding.

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Aug 5, 2012
1:23 AM EDT