Pkmn: World of Chaos Ep 8

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Defeat Amira the Dark-Type Gym Leader

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Author Comments

*UPDATE* 25OCT2017- Added the video version so you can watch on your mobile.
*UPDATE* Medals! You can now earn medals for completing the interactive battles!

**Front page! Thanks guys! My mind is blown! And after all the times I complained that only adult sprite flashes make FP. Insert foot in mouth.**

Okay, here is Episode 8! I did a little better this time with around 3 months of production time versus the 7 for the last episode. I did the audio a bit differently this time to cut back on file size and I clean up the code a bit more each episode. The movie controls in the top-right corner now contain a menu button and quality controls. The quality controls will also be available during the battle segments in case the flash starts to lag.

This episode contains the second of my gym leader contest winners, "Amira" the dark-type gym leader by Lea Bastian. Special thanks to Rina-chan and Potnyx for some superb voice acting. And also EASTBEAST for some extra artwork and Budge007 for testing.

As always, I like getting reviews so please leave one. If you liked it, what did you like? And if you didn't like it, what didn't you like?

Check out the official WoC page at:

Runtime: about 19 minutes.
Cast list:
Me - me.
Rina-Chan - Gardevoir
Potnyx - Amira
Megaman 20555 - Nightwatcher, Ace Trainer


this has proven to be quite an interesting series though I'm glad I got to see it now when it appears you are planning to bring it back as I would have died a little if the next part wouldn't come out for years x.X to be fair some of the attacks seem to not act the way they do in the regular pokemon games precisely in the interactive battles which messes up some of what I do like for example I sorta was counting on burn to 1/2 physical damage in some instances to progress more smoothly but it wouldn't do so for some reason. in theory the gallade battle might have actually been winnable had burn worked that way. but I suppose to be fair if things worked like the pokemon games he would've outsped and 1 shot all the pokemon so fair is fair I suppose xD but the characters are really the thing that brings this out quite a bit for me I loved how the characters were throughout the story. I was also really happy to be able to actually play the battles in these videos its always nice to have some interaction in such things. overall a very good series and I await the next installment w/ baited breath.

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teejay-number13 responds:

Thanks for the review. I'm going to try my hardest to bring the series back this year.

Awesome!!! But what pokemon or whatever left that mark on that tree?!..... I need to know please! D:
Also, very epic and awesome When is episode 9 coming out?!

When is the next episode coming out? It's been.. more than a year

Great Job Dude :D ! btw, can you tell me the theme when Teejay battles against Amira?

teejay-number13 responds:

It's called First Boss Battle from Digimon World 2.

Very well made, it improved a lot since episode 1. Looking forward to the next ones.

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4.22 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2012
1:23 AM EDT