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Play By Heart

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Sleeping was never your strong suit but it is especially important at the moment, so you slow your breathing, empty your brain, close your eyes, and >Wake up.

((Disclaimer: This is not affiliated with Homestuck or its creator aside from being a fanwork.))

((Used Newgrounds as a hosting site. This is Team Dirk<3Jake's collab round submission for HSO.))

((Sound file credits at: http://brobackmountain.dr eamwidth.org/4510.html))

((Official walkthrough at http://alphabulous.tumblr .com/post/36402753004/off icial-play-by-heart-walkt hrough))

((Sequel located at http://spadedanonymous.de viantart.com/art/Gay-by-H eart-319988952))

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This was the cutest homestuck fangame ever

The artwork and story were amazing!~
My favorite part was "the carpet matches the drapes" line.

I've got two endings based on beautifully constructed detail and choices!! I love the artwork, the accuracy and creativity in terms of characters and events, and-- Well. The overall plot of the game. Kudos!! For real, this is my non-ironic shiz.

Were there any more endings?? Or secrets?

Dammit. It's getting so hard to ship janejake. But by Gog this has switched me. Bravo. Gonna recommend this to all my Homestuck peeps. <3

This was probably the BEST fangame i have ever played! the story is amazing and the quality is so good!!! Amazing job :D

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4.35 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2012
11:39 PM EDT