Superman vs Hulk

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Just a quick flash 8 mouse drawn cartoon, that aims to end a stupid debate on who would win the fight. Even though i am a huge superman fan this fight was intended to bring forth laughter.

Lastly people have been ruling out superman and i plan to let the big guy earn back his respect. lol build this in one day 9 hours


there is nothing to debate hulk is human nomatter his form superman is an alien who can breath in space superman can would just throw him in space or bring him and he wins no oxygen means no hulk there is nothing to debate and that was a shitty animation needs blam if you can not make it look half way decent dont even try to submit improve then submit

Hulk can't die. Even if you bring in max strength superman, max strength Hulk would wreck him. Bad animation, for 'humor' isn't a reason, you probably just can't animate well. And the voice acting is just bad, your microphone probably needs a severe upgrade. The webcam mic or gaming mic you use now blows.

Rojay101 responds:

you are right i can not animate well but at least i can animate and the truth always hurts doesn't it. Ok firstly the Hulk can die, in the comics Thor snapped his neck and he died, when he was fetured in the x-men Storm and caliban. The hulk has died more than a couple of times. his earliest "death is the time when he was killed by the Enchantres. another was the time he was killed Horafen when he and his team (patheon) was looking for agamemnon (spelling). Maestro was killed in the first gamma bomb explosion. He was also "killed" in the "HULK THE END" where the mutated cockroaches ate him,ONSLAUGHT killed him, Rulk killed him in a comic.

The sad truth is that hulk is not that great and writers just always want to keep him in the game, so what they do is that they always let whom ever kill him bring him back either by time travel or magic/ spells.

For little emotional people like you get this sad truth, this was pulled from the original data base of the Hulks death a script that never got published because the actor of the first movie The Death Of The Incredible Hulk (1990) - TV Movie had died in real. However the Facts of it remained and i was fortunate enough to get original frame works of both D.C and marvel Comics of almost all Characters of both Comics and the one regarding Hulk states " As time went on people became curious and wondered about the Hulk and if he had weaknesses and limitations. Many writers skillfully hide the fact that the Hulk has limits and weakness, simply because they wanted him to appear as this Supreme individual. However, the Hulk has several weaknesses and limitations; it is just that they were not blunt. The HulkâEUTMs limitation includes, Magic, Superior Alien Race, Exertion, Intense (heat/fire or cold/ice) and Mental powers.

Weakness and Limitations

Magic- magic has been used by many enemies of the Hulk, such as Enchantress. Magic can kill the hulk although, his rage can free him from mind controls and most magic powers but magic can render him powerless. The Hulk is particularly vulnerable to dark magic which disrupts the radioactive components of his body.
Exertion- This is when the Hulk over exerts his body and his cells become weakened allowing the Hulk to become tired and he can actually die if the Gamma cells overheat and burst. Exertion may also leads to attacks, due to Hulks temper and angry nature, the Hulk is susceptible to heart attacks. Despite the Hulks anger that give him strength it can be his greatest weakness where the constant anger release toxins in his body allowing him to become slow and if prolonged will result in death. So that is why the Hulk tries to get the job done before he becomes tired and originally Hulks limit was every 25 minutes then his body would be exerted and would have to retreat to Bruce Banner. Now in modern times writers has extended the period to about 40 minutes and in some versions it is unknown.
Superior Alien Race- A superior alien race of individuals may be one of many things that can end the Hulks life. It has been written that Meta humansâEUTM alien in origin might have the edge in defeating the Hulk due to their unknown extent and variety of powers. Some of the races include that of Asgardians (like Thor who snapped the HulkâEUTMs neck in one version of the comics), Rigellians, Galanian (like Galactus), Kherans (like Mr. Majestic, kryptonians (like Kal-El/Clark Kent, Jor-El, Lara Lor-Van, Zor-El Supergirl, General Zod, Ursa and some others.
Intense heat/fire or Ice/cold- A change in nucleus can disrupt atomic structure in radioactive cells thus if disrupted it may disintegrate rapidly and this type of change normally occurs when under intense climatic conditions. So for the Incredible Hulk, if a beam or a ray of intense heat should be focused on the Hulk for at least one minute his cells would not be able to replenish for that period. Ultimately his regenerative abilities would not function on the time of impact because his radioactive cells would be undergoing disintegrating atomic reactions. so do your history!

Yea, more debate than anything, though I`d side with the Hulk in a battle that lasts more than 5 seconds as he`ll just get angrier and stronger as they go.

the whole thing needs some work and this could spark more debate than settle it an actual fight between them would be earth shattering but supermans physical strength always seemed to be the same he never really got stronger just held back hulk gets constantly stronger and cold and heat would most likely not make him so helpless but the fight would be long and drawn out since superman has a strong will to keep him going and hulk has pure rage (which also makes his strength increase as he gets madder) but i think I'd have to side with the hulk not only cause i like him more but because he gets stronger as the fight goes on and i doubt super man would realize he needed to only calm him down to win.....damn this is a long review

the voice acting is poor but this exactly what would happen, i have worked with the marvel and Dc.comics in the earlier days and you have the story correct. Love this, it is funny i am disappointed that hulk that major Green Stink breath no purpose monster even manage to touch Superman. I love your work because you draw and make flash movies exactly like me.

Perhaps you should make a series i will send you the information and post you with the Dc.comics directly. I also would love for you to end another debate known as the Galactus vs Superman and make Superman win again because for too long people are bashing Superman. So i beg you to make Superman as powerful as he was back when Jerry Siegel created him. This movie is funny take me back.

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