Dress up a stickman

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First game i ever made with flash so please it is not good.


need more close

um no.

This is one of the most basic and pretty much bad dress up games I have seen. It shows absolutely little effort. But I also believe that you are a beginner in the world that is Flash which explains the stick figure and the fact that this is a dress up game.


A stickman shows little effort indeed and the fact that there is only two items to put on him shows that you spent little time in this. This would have been a good little test but I don't see you had to submit it.


To my amaze you did this right it's perfectly looped and doesn't over run nor lag, this is the only part that I can say is done right other than the code.Song is quite catchy as well don't forget to give credits to the author

Pretty much all dress up games have no plot or story.

A simple and I mean simple drag and drop game, or dress up, I honestly think you are a beginner but still believe a whole lot of more of effort could be put in, I would have given you more points if you at least more items to drag and drop.

I think you should practice more on both your programming and art skills. Perhaps in the future you could improve and submit some real good games. This game was not enjoyable.

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it's embarassing to play it, give it more choice like something than just 1 clothing.

Ugh, I hate to do this, but it was horrible. The most fun I had was putting his shorts on his head and his shirt on his legs.

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A for effort! It's better than Spaced Jumper anyways...

Obviously the "game" was kinda lame since there is only one set of clothes, but since it was your first game and you're learning how to create games, I think you're well on your way to make bigger and better things in the future.

Good luck

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Aug 4, 2012
11:23 AM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up