Last Stop

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Even though its a while till halloween-

My first Collab

Art/keyframes- Kellz5460
Animation- Rsetienne


Yup the music was definitely creepy. Good job on the rest of it.

= Not the right way of catching a train,nor am i a fan of suicides..

An impressive hybrid of Animation and amazingly well rendered backgrounds this deserved my review.
Considering it's down to earth plot, not much can be said about the feature apart from a girl who experiences a person who goes suicidal.
pretty shocking when you know this kind of dilemma occurs in real life situations, that said, that's what added the element of realism and drama in this feature..

The verdict:
If this was much longer this would of been considered as an anime feature short, despite it being under 2 minutes it still delivered an impressive amount of visual quality...
The sound was well done for ambient feel for the surroundings, as for voice this is considered as a quiet animation due to the setting and situation.
The Direction is Drama, i don't consider this horror, since it's more of a reflection relating to circumstances that probably define depression, and the mind of a youth..

Awesome animation. I love watching this time and time again

Extremely great animation, creepy storyline.
This makes for quite a dramatic flash.

Ok i could go into detail about the animation itself but that's effort on my part so here's a quick summary.
Animation's visually pleasing, I like the whole Nightmear concept, and the animation is very life like and has a horror anime feel to it. I just think you could have gotten a better effect from 00:55 - 1:05. well it depends on how it was suppose to be portrayed. All in all Great animation

PS. I Love the background composition at 1:06 very nicely done :)

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3.87 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2012
6:47 AM EDT