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We Just Exist

rated 4.18 / 5 stars
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Aug 4, 2012 | 3:37 AM EDT

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UPDATE 2014: Been a long time so I don't know if anyone still comes on here and checks this out but I know some people were really looking forward to my next project. So I thought i'd link you guys to my facebook page where you can get all the latest details on my next big film.

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check out my website

UPDATE : Wow frontpage! thanks so much :)
Really interesting reading the large variety of reviews.
Keep them coming cause i try my best to read all of them!

Please do not vote zero because of the large filesize.
to quote another user "^^^This is not a flash file, it is a video file. .swf uses vectors, so small, <10 mb files are common. .MP4 VIDEO files are raster, which make for heavier files. When you watch a YouTube video at 720p, I can assure you, it is not 10 mb, so it is the same on Newgrounds." ALSO PLEASE WATCH THE WHOLE FILM BEFORE VOTING.

This file has been heavily compressed so that i could
be uploaded to Newgrounds. If you would like to see it in full 1080P High Definition then go to this link

****** Also thank you very much to Tom Fulp for giving me the .mp4 function so i could upload this. ******

We Just Exist is the story of a young man (Jack Campbell) trying to escape a monotonous reality and a haunting past by throwing himself into a surrealistic childlike fantasy world, but these illusions quickly begin to dissolve as a much darker reality is revealed. The films intent was to create a highly symbolic film than mainly relies on it's visuals and sounds to tell its story rather than lengthy dialogue.

The film was put together over the span of two years on a very very small budget,
originally being created as a film for Turramurra Highschool's Visual Arts HSC when i had just turned 17.
The whole thing was pretty much all done by Marcus Graham, most of it shot
at school or in his bedroom. This is Marcus Graham's first attempt at a proper film, but it certainly isn't his last.

Thanks so much to
Cloud Cult

for letting me use your amazing music!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Personally I was never much into film as some of my other friends, to me this film has a surreal quality that is similar to Pi or Requiem for a Dream. I see the ideas behind, Delusion, Denial, Realization, Acceptance, Punishment (death), and the theme of love and forgiveness. it describes states of coping with a pain that cannot easily be contained. I really enjoyed the ideas behind escapism, the urge to be anywhere but where you are at the moment. The idea of having anymore dialogue than already present to me would have ruined the effect. A wonderful short film. 4.5 is the highest I could go, would have put a 4.9, because like all of us, nothing is truly perfect but we can all get really close.

mgproductions responds:

Thanks for the kind review. I'm a huge fan of Requiem for a Dream! watched it so many times..
Glad you enjoyed it :)


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I can't help but admire the work that went into this. But to be honest, the story is lackluster, the animation amateur at best, and the production disjointed. One minute Jack is driving through an acid-induced city on his car bed, the next he's crying about his ex. Then he's watching a commercial about happy pills that sells itself to be something comedic, then we're right back to watching him cry about his ex. I suppose that was the whole point of the movie. A lunatic creates a fantasy world to avoid his horrible life, then kills himself because he can't quite escape from his past. It could have been done so much better, and has before. Nothing unique, nothing fantastic, just a bunch of supposedly symbolic bullshit. You told a story that could have been told in five minutes, but for some asinine reason you decided to take nearly eighteen to do so.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

This was amazing! A fantastic piece with a gamut of art styles that blend into a brilliant film. Very inspirational and a great deal of talent by everyone from the actors to musicians. Marcus Graham you should be a proud filmmaker!

mgproductions responds:

Thank you sir!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

this moved me i love this so much, great job

mgproductions responds:

Glad you liked it so much :)


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Okay let's break it down because a lot of newgrounds users aren't seeing this..........

-1:40-2:20 is incredably cheesy. Why even add the muffled deep dialogue? It just completely deteriorates the entire effect you are trying to give off.

-6:47-7:20 I see a lot of David Firth inspiration there with his animated short "Take this pill" if you guys haven't seen it, then you should take a look at it to see how that segment was entirely unoriginal. Also, why even add that segment? I see what you're trying to convay an ironic message of how psychiatrists diagnose these wacky illnesses but is it really necessarily? It really contradicts from the entire storyline in my opinion.

-From 9:20-9:40

it seemed like you tried to make your story humorous but the most humorous part about it was the acting. The acting was extremely bad and it dumbed your project down to a typical high school film project thesis. It didn't improve your film at all, the live action acting scenes only made this film entirely worse.

Also the ending....... So he killed his girlfriend and then he killed himself and ended up with her in a different life? This also ruined the animation for me because it completely destroys the entire message of the film "We just exist" and you're basically saying that we all only live for narcisstic desires and we are extremely self indulgent to an extreme of ending everything due to the nature of ourselves. Now often times, this is true. But why did he kill his own girlfriend? That completely dis orientates the entire moral meaning of the story. He kills his girlfriend, he's a murderer, and then kills his own self and he's happy and so is she in the afterlife............. Why? Just why?

What saved this animation (somewhat) was the beautiful art design at times and use of color like other people have said.


mgproductions responds:

I'm sorry you didn't like it.
It was interesting to see how you interpretted the film from your perspective.
because I'd rather live things up for interpretation.

A few things i should note here is that i wasn't ripping anyone off with this film..
David Firth didn't even come to mind whilst i worked on the film.
However i did draw inspiration from art styles such as Waking Life, Superjail, Wallace and Gromitand i even
used some techniques that disney incorporate into their films.

" dumbed your project down to a typical high school film project thesis."
Well to be fair it was a High school project.

As for your interpretation of the ending.. i'm not going to say it's right or
wrong. But i found it interesting you assumed that when he jumped off the edge off the cliff
he was then in the afterlife.
also in response to "But why did he kill his own girlfriend? That completely dis orientates the entire moral meaning of the story. " SPOILER ALERT : They had a fight and she fell all the way down the stairs. The fight was over the fact she cheated on him. He didn't purposely mean to kill her.

Anyways that's about all the time i have to cover that.
While i didn't feel your perceptions of the moral and the message
of the film were entirely accurate to what i had originally envisioned i found them interesting none the less.