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UPDATE : Wow frontpage! thanks so much :)
Really interesting reading the large variety of reviews.
Keep them coming cause i try my best to read all of them!

Please do not vote zero because of the large filesize.
to quote another user "^^^This is not a flash file, it is a video file. .swf uses vectors, so small, <10 mb files are common. .MP4 VIDEO files are raster, which make for heavier files. When you watch a YouTube video at 720p, I can assure you, it is not 10 mb, so it is the same on Newgrounds." ALSO PLEASE WATCH THE WHOLE FILM BEFORE VOTING.

This file has been heavily compressed so that i could
be uploaded to Newgrounds. If you would like to see it in full 1080P High Definition then go to this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4Y6AZUeZwk

****** Also thank you very much to Tom Fulp for giving me the .mp4 function so i could upload this. ******

We Just Exist is the story of a young man (Jack Campbell) trying to escape a monotonous reality and a haunting past by throwing himself into a surrealistic childlike fantasy world, but these illusions quickly begin to dissolve as a much darker reality is revealed. The films intent was to create a highly symbolic film than mainly relies on it's visuals and sounds to tell its story rather than lengthy dialogue.

The film was put together over the span of two years on a very very small budget,
originally being created as a film for Turramurra Highschool's Visual Arts HSC when i had just turned 17.
The whole thing was pretty much all done by Marcus Graham, most of it shot
at school or in his bedroom. This is Marcus Graham's first attempt at a proper film, but it certainly isn't his last.

Thanks so much to
Cloud Cult

for letting me use your amazing music!


Reminds me of RAPTUS a LOT.

I thought it was very profound and overall awesome, however I'm so confused about the ending and in turn the title. I'm not quite sure what the message was here, and I know it's mainly up for interpretation, but it didn't seem like the resolution could have been morally impacting at all. Almost the opposite.

But I loved, loved, LOVED it. Please do more.

why did dude kill his girlfriend did the story your yelling really happened there was things that werent explained that should have been please pm me the answer for my comment shall be nomore coz of the incoming comments thnks

Phenominal stuff. I wasn't expecting anything this profound from coming onto newgrounds today but i was completely surprised.

The visuals were absolutely surreal and enjoyable to look at. And the message is something i can intimately relate to (no i never killed my girlfriend). It all just worked and kept me attentive the entire 18 minutes.

I also want to acknowledge that nothing about this short film felt cheap.. Which is a difficult achievement with a small budget. Kudos to you on that.

If I could bestow any amount of criticism, I suppose I should mention that some animation sequences didn't carry the narrative. Or if they were, it was lost on me. But be that as it may, it was still fun to look at regardless.

Again, excellent job. I'm a difficult audience member to please, so i hope these words encourage you as much as all the other positive comments to continue doing more thought provoking, visually stimulating film pieces.

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mgproductions responds:

Happy to hear you enjoyed it.
And thanks for the in-depth review :).

Overall it's clear a lot of effort was put into this, and by all means it is a decent enough thing... And by no means am I saying to stop making films and furthering your art. The actual style of this was cool; jumping between claymation, live action, and cartoon animation, if not a little too jumpy.

However with that said, and hopefully in an attempt to phrase it in a more civil manner than one other reviewer, some of that effort felt like it went too much into making it vague and abstract for the sake of being vague and abstract, not because it helped color the story or message. Especially when working on a budget too, nothing shows it's a school project faster than going overboard on the "artsy".

I was listening to a radio show recently where they discussed how it's hard to find a self proclaimed artist(as in painters and such) that you don't have to sugar coat your opinion of(in regards to their pieces) to either be nice to them, or some other reason(maybe even just to not feel uncomfortable in a room where people claim to "get it"), because it is usually just some thing that is supposed to represent something, but doesn't really convey as much depth as it's trying to give off (and they said, and when is it ever NOT an abstract piece?). I am sort of sick of people randomly splattering paint onto a canvas and telling me it represents the inner turmoil of a house cat during masturbation and the over arching oppression of women by the government. In film making you can effectively come across as doing the same thing.

That's sort of how this came across to me and clearly a few other viewers, as many indie... some would say "hipster" oriented, films(or any medium of art applies) that is trying to make itself seem deep, artsy, or "quirky" by being awkward and vague in its presentation and delivery.
Some films and some filmmakers do things that really create surreal and abstract feel without feeling like it's forced in or interrupting the story telling just to catch the attention of those that will always claim to "get it" so people who also "get it" won't scoff at them.

That's what this is about in the end, right: storytelling. If an author of a book I was reading randomly jumped to writing about seemingly unrelated things or things that didn't fit with the other parts of the presentation it would be awkward too and might turn me off or fail to keep my interest when the random elements become staple and predictable.

With all that said, there is a lot of potential here and this feels like something you all put your hearts into and do not take this as me trying to bash your work. For now though, it just reminded me a bit too much of one more "abstract" painting, indie movie I am supposed to believe is super deep because it is random as all hell, or band that makes flat out ridiculous musical decisions that won't sing well on purpose that is apparently aiming for being considered avant-garde "art for art's sake".

I just think you have room to grow and I hope this sort of creativity can be better applied to future projects in a way that doesn't make me wonder "Is this cool, well developed and deep, or really disjointed, kind of crappy, and maybe trying too hard to stand out so I am trying to give it too much credit because 'art is subjective'?"

I am also willing to accept that I may be biased because after seeing so much like this maybe the entire idea of abstract art and art films has stopped being my cup of tea because it's become too easy for artists and filmmakers to stop trying for a point as much as a head scratching, beard stroking display and say.

Basically, for a first film as you said, good job, and please take this review with the good intentions it was written with and the honest critical opinion it would like you to consider. I do look forward to anything you produce in the future and you do deserve a front page spot regardless of whatever outright negativity may have been conveyed in what I have said.

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mgproductions responds:

"some of that effort felt like it went too much into making it vague and abstract for the sake of being vague and abstract"
Shame you feel like that..
For the record i spent 2 years on the film itself
and some shots took up to a month to complete..
I didn't just make this film for the sake of being
"vague and abstract" i wanted to make a film that told it's
story through it's visuals rather than large amounts of dialogue.
I appreciate your opinion and the fact you spent the time and effort
to write a well structured and calm review.. Although it is a bit offensive
to me to be told that a film i spent a long time writing and storyboarding and animating etc..
was just me trying to be random for the sake of being random.

I actually put a lot of work into making it as unpretentious as possible
and thought very deeply about each scene and how it would progress the story and what it would
convey etc etc.

"it's become too easy for artists and filmmakers to stop trying for a point as much as a head scratching, beard stroking display and say."
Well as i said before i tried very hard with this film.
It was for my Visual Arts highschool project and i started it when i had just turned 17.

Anyways thanks for taking the time to write your very honest review.

not sure why but this reminded me of donnie darko. I really enjoyed this man, keep it up.

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Aug 4, 2012
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