Wizard Battle

August 3, 2012 –
November 20, 2017
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Made for loopdeloop.org.


Love it - and it's upsetting that so many people fail to get the old-school SID Chip style sound effect vibe. Reminds me of "Feud" on the old C64 where two Wizard brothers have to battle each-other. Short, sweet, and appreciate the looping.

The NEVER-ENDING Wizard Battle!

I thought that was genius. All that you really need is possibly a soundtrack to go with the whole thing and more spells, and you're good to go.

the face of the purple wizard is just soo funny good flash

It would be more funny if these wizards use more spells. :(

I liked it, but the sound of the magic noises are hell on the ears and it would have been nice to see something other than the same two spells over and over. It just should have ended or changed somewhere in it.

The wizards are having a pretty boring battle, because it's about 30 seconds and then it loops forever. The art style was pretty bananas, which is probably a good thing, but the sound effects were also basically awful.

haha i liked it but, then the dreaded loop o god

It's ok. It could have been longer however. Just having the same attacks over and over. However, how it all did go back. The wizards in posision and the loop exactly at the right point. Good done with that. Still, it's not that hard to make a loop. Did that myself long time ago.

lozl wierd noises....

Eh. Not bad. I was kind of bummed out by the shortness, but it was cute. As for the guy saying the sounds came from runescape, it sounded like old school Joust to me. I think those sounds are fairly generic and could have been original easy enough. I've been grading people pretty rough on here, that's why I gave you the 3.5. For a short loop, it's a decent 4.5. For newgrounds in general, I think 3.5 is a good score. I'd like to see the battle go further. I was also bummed about how the wizard escaped the ice. Seemed to lack creativity to me.

The thing i like the most is that last piece of sloppy ice magic exiting the blue wizards wand.

I like the animation and how the wizards are and such, but I find the sound effects kind of annoying.

Alright the animation is good. BUT you took those sound effects from Runescape (MMORPG). Please give some credit to Runescape for the sound effects . Just to be clear. THIS GUY DID NOT MAKE THE SOUND EFECTS. IT CAME FROM RUNESCAPE.

This.... IS AWESOME. SFX=NUKE. Thank you for this, animation gods. You shall have a sacrifice soon.

Not a big fan of loops, but i have seen better ones. The animation and sfx were ok. 3 stars.

wiztastic loop...(idk, don't ask)..good job though

Loved the 8-bit sound effects and the wizardy guys remind me of Adventure Time for some reason, I loved it, cheers

Pretty nicely done. I can't really say I thought it was a masterpiece.

A charming loop of awesomeness XD

lol funny loop

Liked the sound effects, animation and concept. Good job!

Awesome animation and loop concept! And I liked the 8-bit sound effects :)

SUPER'B, great to see some more loopdeloops at NG!,
i particluarly like the segment of the 'de-frozing' wizard. Awesome character 'acting'.

Now this was an amazing loop.

very cool, i laughed out loud at "fire" wizard's expression, that and his one-armed fumbling through the pages. very well done, good sound effects. would like to see you expand this loop with more spells/summons/etc.

I like the ending!

You ruined the sanctity of wizard battle!

Normally I'm not a fan of loops, but this was really well done. It seamlessly works from beginning to end (in a looping sort of way). Plus it pulls at the heart strings of old video arcade sound effects and my love of my friend and I's art work of our new foray into the world of AD&D. Everything was armor, dragons, wizards and rust monsters galore!

And easy 5/5!

That's a really cool loop. Good job.

Great job. let me guess you got the sound fx from joust?

looks like they will fight for all eternity...

why not adding more wizards/spells to the battle? and some big, magic using dragons.

Politics in action :D

Great flash, I can't see anything wrong with it.


Needs more spells

Sound effect need to die......

HAHA! awesomeness :3 what a great loop

good longer and better noices would make it a 4 or 5

This is great! The animation and backgrounds are near perfect and the art fantastic. 5 stars.


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3.82 / 5.00