Flood Runner 4

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The fourth in its series. Flood Runner 4 is bigger and better than ever before. Run jump and glide, while avoiding obstacles.

There is an auto upgrade feature. The more you play the more you unlock and the more things you can do.

There are 30 levels of upgrading all of which is automated. The more experience you earn the more levels you will unlock. You will unlock dragons, panthers and more.

**Game Updated: 4 Aug 2012
Controls default to Keyboard now.
The scuba gear works underwater with a mouse. Character follows mouse cursor and exits underwater.
The combo keys that were being hidden was from the plants. The keys combos now appear over bugs and land.

**Game Update: 6 Aug 2012
In-game lag should be reduced. Key Combos are fixed for the plant.

*If you still lag, you can change quality from the Title Screen.
Lag seems to be happening mostly with the Newgrounds version. Players in Kongregate and other sites don't have so many lag complaints. We are looking into it.


Dear Redmoth.
This game has nothing to do with you lacking basic arrow gameplay skill.
1. The upgrades AREN'T supposed to make you a god.
2. You obviously CAN attack the enemies by double jumping after you hit one. Which works and you obviously have not even attempted to try.
3. Why would you even want to restore health? Just because you can't pass 30 seconds without dieing?
4. Pick-ups aren't at all needed.
5. The glide bar is a GLIDE bar not a FLY bar. There's a difference.
6. You easily can go up via green jump pads or even enemies. Not my fault you lack gameplay skill to actually be good at a game which only requires arrows to play.
7. Wait until you fall into the water from lack of glide energy? All you ever do is glide I take it... No wonder you're that bad.
8. Lifesavers? I didn't need them and didn't even unlock them. The game is easy without any life savers.
P.S: Either YOU get basic gameplay skill or go play Press One Button To Win games. I at least HOPE you won't fail those aswell.

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I cant give you anything for this.

This game is just broken. The upgrades seem completely useless, the enemies are everywhere, You cant attack them because pressing jump after double jumping drains your glide bar, Theres no way to restore health, pickups have to be unlocked, the glide bar drains to fast, you cant go up, you can only go down. I've never even seen the layer above the clouds. All you can do is wait until you fall into the water from a lack of glide energy, and die because lifesavers take too much time to unlock. You've taken the original game, made it much harder, then glitched it up to the point where it's almost unplayable. It hasnt improved at all. Flood runner 3 was better. Fix this game or upload a better one.

So, really boring. I couldn't get into it at all. Plus it lagged so much, even with low quality. Maybe that was part of why I disliked it, but I still found it boring. The upgrade system was poorly made. With such a vast gap between how much experience is needed to gain each upgrade, and how little each upgrade helped, I found it to be tedious to get through. Another thing, like I said, the upgrades themselves. The double jump barely did anything, and even with it, I could barely reach platforms above me, and often didn't reach them. Also, the glide had such a huge bar, but was only filled in a little bit at the start of the level, and took forever to recharge. I understand you don't want players to rely on glide with a full bar, but even half of a bar would've been helpful. I don't even want to get into the other upgrades, mainly because the game was too tedious to get past the surfboard. I don't want to play the others in the series, because apparently this was the best. I don't see why this made front page, but I suppose some people enjoy this. Could've been much better.

i dont see why everyone is complaining about lagg on the jumps i dont have any lagg

Ive noticed that my chrome browser has reset all of my stats ever since newgrounds went into maintenance!

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3.92 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2012
7:51 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other