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Advanced Dodger

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Fly around and try to survive!! upgrade until you can beat this awesome intense game!

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The gameplay (though not completely original (not a bad thing)) isn't bad, and it's a nice game to relax to; However, I find that a single instrument playing 4 bars of music, each with a single note and an obvious pause for the loop far from a good soundtrack, the rhythm and melody drones on, so it's best to mute it and either play silent or listen to a soundtrack from another game (or even your own music) to break it up a bit. I would definitely like to see an update to this game in the future that remakes the music and builds on the gameplay, however.

Wow, does this game's music get repetitive.

The music... people hated it, but I kinda like it... I dunno, maybe I just have weird tastes :P
(Hoenstly, music reminds me of Pikmin for some reason. No idea why, it just does...)

Challenge increases. There is a reason why upgrades are needed.

Mechanics for these kinds of games are fun as always

The games design. Not the mechanics, but the blocks, background, and turrets... It is really boring. Honestly I enjoy the menu, but maybe if there where more fleshed out designs, this game would be incredible.

Nothing to keep you motivated to see ending. Honestly, this game just suffers form being bored, and I usually appreciate the boring, and slow games. I think I spent about 3 minutes on the game, and called it quits, just cause there is no visual motivation to go on.

And as much as I enjoyed the music, Numerous others did not. For that, I have to put it as a dislike, because designers need to create games that please audiences.

Also, games not that intense... Just gotta figure out the flight pattern to move with your pointer...

Actually, I'd like to have seen a story for this game. Think outside the box when making games like this, because at today's high paced crowd, games like these turn into relics of the forgotten fast.
This would be especially useful if you lack the abilities and experience to make more enjoyable games.

Feels like that game you can get for free in the the clearance bin of a "Game Stop" or "App store"...

I hope you develop better skills for the future, and grow as a person during the process. Keep working at it :D

Not levels or objectives or backgrounds,and the music is prety boring!

I make a sugestion to you:make levels,good music,backgrounds,more upgrads and enemies.

Okay i guess though the music gets annoying because well you know it sounds very VERY scary.
Plus this was pretty hard and if there is a pause button......tell me it.
Over all it is pretty fun,Intensive, and addicting at the least it would be ok.

right click.... i win :)
but played right second time... ok game not alot stuff in it

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3.37 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2012
11:25 PM EDT