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Rise of the Dark Machine

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Myrtes, an artificial intelligence wakes up after decades of sleeping. He equips a physical body and start to investigate, what happens. Suddenly, strange machines appear, and then Myrtes realizes: Earth is dead...

Post-apocalyptic collect game, inspired by Zelda games and The Binding of Isaac, with dark and depressive atmosphere - at least, I've tried to do it.

This is a demo version of the game with 3 finished, and one W.I.P. levels. I hope you will like it. Reviews and helps would help me a lot to create a simple but atmospheric game. =)


great game other then the minor art problems and minor errors elsewhere

Katamori17 responds:

Sadly, I'm not good at drawing but I wanted to draw everything by myself. Anyway, I think it doesn'r look so terrible with this pixelart style.

Thanks for reviewing!

It's cool. The game style is ok, maybe i would be more into it if you get the player to do something more than just walk around collecting stuff, a little more interaction for the gamer, but not too much as you said it doesn't has to be a complex game to be good. Its hard to suggest what to put in it to make it better. But i can tell you that i think you're going the right way. Keep working on it and you'll see good results. ;)

Katamori17 responds:

Firstly, thanks for writing this review! =)

Secondly: I didn't write it in the description, but my plan is to create a game based on logic and puzzle elements. Sadly, I'm not so good at this genre, so getting ideas takes a bit long time, but I already got some ideas. For instance, as you can see on the third level, there's a computer which you can activate by colliding, and then, all the bombs will be deactivated for some seconds.

I'm planning to add several machines like that one, so there will be some interaction on the levels, but it will depends on the placed mechanics, not on yourself, like using bombs in Binding of Isaac. But, in fact, I'll add them later. There will be 5 tutorial levels, then 5 simple levels, then 5 new elements, and then 5 medium level, and then, last time: 5 more tools and 5 hard levels. There might be better with less tutorial levels, but I don't want to enforce the palyer to memorize everything in the same time. =)

Finally, sorry for my very long answer but I'm so happy that you reviewed. Thank you again!

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2.96 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2012
5:03 PM EDT
Skill - Collect