Tequila Zombies 2

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Bullet in the Head 10 Points

Perform 200 headshots

Death Proof 10 Points

Restore 1000 HP in one game

Desperado 10 Points

Survive 1 minute with HP below 30%

Drunken Master 10 Points

Collect 200 bottles of Tequila

Fascinating 10 Points

Kill 10 zombie Spocks

Machete Kills 10 Points

Kill 150 zombies with Machete/Tonfa

Natural Born Killer 10 Points

Kill 643 zombies

Red Hot Chili Pepper 10 Points

Collect 100 Chili Peppers

Reservoir Dogs 10 Points

Kill 200 zombie dogs

Titty Twister 10 Points

Kill 300 bad zombie girls

Vulture Culture 10 Points

Kill 50 bonus vultures

Chainsaw Massacre 25 Points

Kill 666 zombies with Chainsaw

El Mariachi 25 Points

Kill 100 zombies with Rocket Guitar

I, Robot 25 Points

Kill the 2nd boss

RIP Red Barclay 25 Points

Kill the 1st boss

The Quick and the Dead 25 Points

Perform Massacre 50 Kills combo

Con Gusano 50 Points

Kill the 3rd boss

Lord of War 50 Points

Purchase all the weapons and armors

Texas Blood Money 50 Points

Collect $300.000

rockydennis 100 Points

Kill 65 bosses and/or mini-bosses

Author Comments

Zombies crosses your way once again. Kill all the zombies and drink all the tequila in this marvelous sequel. Now "con gusano"!

Starring Miguel Tequila and a new glorious female character Jacqueline Madeira!!!

* Move, Jump: arrows or W/A/D
* Aim&Shoot: mouse
* Pick up: DOWN or S
* Superpower: SPACE or CTRL

UPDATE 1.0.7:
NG medals and scoreboards are added! If you have some in-game badges the game should give you the medals when you continue the saved game.

UPDATE 1.0.4:
- The game now saves your progress in the Chrome browser.
- Added pop-up message 'Game Saved' when the game saves your progress.
- Fixed sound/music buttons (in the Crhome browser as well)
- Added a small massacre counter. Now you can see how large your next massacre combo will be.


Very good game, I've really enjoyed killing zombies with such a nice weapon variety. The bug boss... well, I didn't like it too much, but it's killable at least (with a bit of luck).

It was kind of weird that all the chicks (3) had huge boobs, except for the one that you can play with.

This is pretty good. B.T.W, What's the theme song of tequila zombies 2 called? :D

I like this game quite a bit. It obviously borrows heavily from the film "From dusk ''til Dawn" and it's sequels. That isn't a bad thing.
All great art has a foundation and sometimes that foundation is more evident than at other times.
Here it shines and makes for a fun little game.
That being said, i do have some issue with the pacing of the game.
I found having to continually revisit the first waves both tedious and boring.
It would've been nice if = even after a few rounds - the number of enemies in the early waves would increase.
My other gripe is the generic, boring "rock/country" soundtrack.
This game begs for better music.
I find it odd that a game, borrowing so heavily from "FDTD" would neglect the soundtrack.
This game could've gone up another star if the music was good. As it stands, for me, the music actually hurts the game.
Overall, it's fun and worth your time as a player.

One last thing - even with a good computer and fast connection I'm getting a lot of lag.
I've played this game and it's predecessor before and noticed the same thing. (multiple computers, mind you.)
Is it me or is it the game? I understand it's relatively dense, but it hurts my gameplay.

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This is the best fucking game ever!

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i never knew zombies drink best game here i be like gimmy that Tequila then kill em

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4.32 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2012
2:21 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun