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Secret #1 5 Points

Newgrounds is an American entertainment and social media website and company. Founded on July 6, 1995 by Tom Fulp, the site primarily hosts Adobe Flash animations and games, but also features a music-oriented page, along with an art portal.

Secret #10 5 Points

A die (plural dice, from Old French dé, from Latin datum "something which is given or played") is a small throwable object with multiple resting positions, used for generating random numbers.

Secret #11 5 Points

A shoe is an item of footwear intended to protect and comfort the human foot while doing various activities.

Secret #12 5 Points

A computer is a general purpose device which can be programmed to carry out a finite set of arithmetic or logical operations.

Secret #13 5 Points

A smiley, smiley face, or happy face, :) or :D is a stylized representation of a smiling humanoid face, commonly occurring in popular culture.

Secret #14 5 Points

An eraser (US and Canada) or rubber (elsewhere) is an article of stationery that is used for removing pencil markings.

Secret #15 5 Points

In the United States and Canada, a cookie is a small, flat, baked treat, usually containing fat, flour, eggs and sugar.

Secret #16 5 Points

Canada is a North American country consisting of ten provinces and three territories.

Secret #17 5 Points

A game controller is a device used with games or entertainment systems to provide input to a video game, typically to control an object or character in the game.

Secret #18 5 Points

Bowling is a sport in which players attempt to score points by rolling a bowling ball along a flat surface, usually a wooden or other synthetic surface, either into pins or to get close to a target ball.

Secret #19 5 Points

Television (TV) is a telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images that can be monochrome (black-and-white) or colored, with or without accompanying sound.

Secret #2 5 Points

A football helmet is a protective device used primarily in American football and Canadian football. It consists of a hard plastic top with thick padding on the inside, a face mask made of one or more rubber coated metal bars, and a chinstrap.

Secret #20 5 Points

Box (plural boxes) describes a variety of containers and receptacles for permanent use as storage, or for temporary use often for transporting contents.

Secret #21 5 Points

Dangerous Dave is a 1988 computer game by John Romero.

Secret #22 5 Points

The dumbbell, a type of free weight, is a piece of equipment used in weight training.

Secret #23 5 Points

Basketball is a team sport, the objective being to shoot a ball through a basket horizontally positioned to score points while following a set of rules.

Secret #24 5 Points

X is the twenty-fourth letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

Secret #25 5 Points

The incandescent light bulb, incandescent lamp or incandescent light globe is an electric light which produces light with a filament wire heated to a high temperature by an electric current through it, until it glows.

Secret #26 5 Points

A fish is any member of a paraphyletic group of organisms that consist of all gill-bearing aquatic craniate animals that lack limbs with digits.

Secret #27 5 Points

Pizza is an oven-baked, flat, round bread typically topped with a tomato sauce, cheese and various toppings.

Secret #28 5 Points

Banana is the common name for herbaceous plants of the genus Musa and for the fruit they produce. The Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth, and the fifth largest satellite in the Solar System. Banana Moon is a 1971 studio album by Daevid Allen.

Secret #29 5 Points

Goggles or safety glasses are forms of protective eyewear that usually enclose or protect the area surrounding the eye in order to prevent particulates, water or chemicals from striking the eyes.

Secret #3 5 Points

Coffee is a brewed beverage with a strong flavor prepared from the roasted seeds of the coffea plant.

Secret #30 5 Points

An arrow is a graphical symbol such as → or ←, used to point or indicate direction, being in its simplest form a line segment with a triangle affixed to one end, and in more complex forms a representation of an actual arrow (e.g. ➵ U+27B5).

Secret #31 5 Points

A sandwich is a food item, typically consisting of two or more slices of bread with one or more fillings between them, or one slice of bread with a topping or toppings, commonly called an open sandwich.

Secret #32 5 Points

Peanut butter is a food paste made primarily from ground dry roasted peanuts, popular in North America, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and parts of Asia, particularly the Philippines and Indonesia.

Secret #33 5 Points

Money is any object or record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a given socio-economic context or country.

Secret #34 5 Points

Music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence.

Secret #35 5 Points

Shopping bags are medium sized bags, typically around 10-20 litres (2.5 to 5 gallons) in volume (though much larger versions exist, especially for non-grocery shopping), that are often used by grocery shoppers to carry home their purchases.

Secret #36 5 Points

A soft drink (also called pop, soda, coke, soda pop, fizzy drink, tonic, mineral or carbonated beverage) is a beverage that typically contains water (often, but not always carbonated water), a sweetener, and a flavoring agent.

Secret #37 5 Points

A hat is a head covering. It can be worn for protection against the elements, for ceremonial or religious reasons, for safety, or as a fashion accessory.

Secret #38 5 Points

Speech is the vocalized form of human communication. It is based upon the syntactic combination of lexicals and names that are drawn from very large (usually to about 10,000 different gagolizim words) vocabularies.

Secret #39 5 Points

A flying disc is a disc-shaped glider that is generally plastic and roughly 20 to 25 cm (7.9 to 9.8 in) in diameter, with a lip.

Secret #4 5 Points

Mail, or post, is a system for transporting letters and other tangible objects: written documents, typically enclosed in envelopes, and also small packages are delivered to destinations around the world.

Secret #40 5 Points

A taco is a traditional Mexican dish composed of a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling.

Secret #41 5 Points

A pencil is a writing implement or art medium usually constructed of a narrow, solid pigment core inside a protective casing.

Secret #42 5 Points

The apple is the pomaceous fruit of the apple tree, species Malus domestica in the rose family (Rosaceae).

Secret #43 5 Points

iPod is a line of portable media players created and marketed by Apple Inc..

Secret #44 5 Points

Fragaria is a genus of flowering plants in the rose family, Rosaceae, commonly known as strawberries for their edible fruits.

Secret #45 5 Points

A clock is an instrument used to indicate, keep, and co-ordinate time.

Secret #46 5 Points

Bottled water is drinking water (e.g., well water, distilled water, or spring water) packaged in plastic or glass water bottles.

Secret #47 5 Points

Rubik's Cube is a 3-D mechanical puzzle invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik.

Secret #48 5 Points

Facial tissue and paper handkerchief refers to a class of soft, absorbent, disposable papers that is suitable for use on the face.

Secret #49 5 Points

A waste container is a container for temporarily storing refuse and waste.

Secret #5 5 Points

A mobile phone (also known as a cellular phone, cell phone and a hand phone) is a device that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link whilst moving around a wide geographic area.

Secret #50 5 Points

Ketchup (also catsup, tomato sauce, or red sauce) is a sweet and tangy food sauce, typically made from tomatoes, vinegar, a sweetener, and assorted seasonings and spices.

Secret #6 5 Points

F (named ef /ˈɛf/, as a verb spelled eff) is the sixth letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

Secret #7 5 Points

A hamburger (also called a hamburger sandwich, burger or hamburg) is a sandwich consisting of a cooked patty of ground meat usually placed inside a sliced bread roll.

Secret #8 5 Points

Cake is a form of bread or bread-like food. In its modern forms, it is typically a sweet baked dessert.

Secret #9 5 Points

Lego (trademarked in capitals as LEGO) is a popular line of construction toys manufactured by the Lego Group, a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark.

Winner 5 Points

A video game is an electronic game that involves human interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device.

100 Percent 100 Points

100 (one hundred) (Roman numeral C, reinforced by Latin centum) is the natural number following 99 and preceding 101.

Author Comments

UPDATE: This game is up for a game of the year award! You can vote for it if you want! More info: http://nolanlabs.newgroun ds.com/news/post/814343 (take out the space)

Find the door to win the game.
If you get stuck PRESS R to return to the start.

Made for Stencyl Jam 2012.
Medal descriptions from Wikipedia.
Press zero to mute the awesome background music.

TIP: to get the 100% medal you have to go through the door again.
TIP #2: no autosave, so don't refresh the page or you'll be sorry.
TIP #3: some guy on YouTube made a walkthrough for this if you want to spoil everything for yourself. Check my newspost for the link.


Rea;;y addictive, note to future players, find the glasses.

Hey, my keyboard stopped screwing up for once! At first there was still a lot of key input lag, but it miraculously vanished and I was finally able to complete the game after so many rage quits, at 100% of course. Very fun game, along with it being original too. If you make a sequel you should make more of the objects interactive, like the basketball. Maybe even add some minigames to a few items?

NoLanLabs responds:

Great to hear. A sequel just might be in the works...

Fun graphics and music, plus joyful, though sometimes frustrating, gameplay. I don't know if it was only my computer, but the movement was often quite jumpy and laggy. Despite this, I managed to explore everywhere and get 100%. It was irksome at times; I thought I had explored everywhere, then discovered that I hadn't quite. For a while, I had 96%, hadn't found #14 and #48. I couldn't for the life of me figure out where to go next: I explored everywhere again and again wondering what I'd missed. Then I remembered that not all rooms are found by moving blocks... Great fun, overall.

The goal of this game is to simply walk through the door to win, however there are many different collectibles throughout the game that you can find to gain 100% completion. It is an interesting concept that a lot of big collection games take on themselves and it's kind of cool to see a game cut out everything else with the sole intent of collecting all of the objects, but at the same time it makes it seem like an incomplete game as well, which was the point here in a way.

The graphics are in pixel form holding with an old-school tradition, here it works well in the collect-able items and your main character, but this secret castle is bland in its presentation, nothing really pops out at you. I understand that the whole castle had to look the same and you couldn't experiment with all the rooms that way it makes the items harder to find, but the coloring of this place could have been better, like combining blue and orange together really would have made this place pop instead of this gray and yellow. The animation is nice, even though there isn't much going on, it is nice. The music was good, nothing fantastic though and it just droned on my ears as I was looking for these different secrets, something a little bit more upbeat would have been nice. Since you picked this track from the Audio Portal it makes me wonder why you didn't pick something to fit this game better. There are no sound effects which was disappointing to me.

The items were tricky to find and get to, but once you got Secrets #29 and Secret #37 things start to pick up and you start to do some backtracking. What I didn't like though was the testing of faith with some of the pits to see if there was another room there, it really got on my nerves when I had to backtrack multiple times instead of a wrong pit just putting me back in that same room, luckily though Secret #24 doesn't make this too big an issue, but still it was a bit nervewracking. At one point I wanted to give up and I did, I just headed through the door since I couldn't find anymore secrets and that is where you put more secrets, I'll admit it is a bit clever to put something after your YOU WIN screen, but at the same time it wasn't exactly the nicest move to make either.

The controls are a bit iffy, getting through small holes is not as easy as it should be, even with Secret #37 I had to take at least two to three tries to get through this opening which I probably wouldn't have even known was there without Secret #29. I got to the point that I just didn't care about the secrets, I just wanted that 100% completion, which is the point of the game, but it just makes putting effort into the designs of the secrets pointless, they could have been a bunch of coins or gems and I still would not have cared.

This game overall doesn't have a grand presentation which is a shame, because if it did this game could have been a bit better and if more of the secrets had abilities for your character it would have been pretty cool. This game does deserve a sequel to it and could even utilize a lot of pop cultural references and/or Newgrounds references as well and be a big hit. As it is though it was a bit underwhelming.

|| Cheers ||
*Good Artwork
*Good Animation
*Okay Music
*Great Concept
*Good Controls
*Good Gameplay

|| Jeers ||
*No Sound
*Music - Something More Upbeat
*Artwork - Bland - Needs More Pop
*Gameplay - Goal = Pointless

People find this review helpful!
NoLanLabs responds:

Wow, excellent review. Thanks a lot.

A sequel could definitely happen; I'll take this review into account when planning it.

This game is really fun and i enjoyed it!

NoLanLabs responds:

Thanks for playing!

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Credits & Info

4.27 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2012
11:49 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle