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Anticlimax 5 Points

Completed Replicus!

Surfacing Omikhron-9 5 Points

They say the key to any good robot is a complicated control system. Don't they?

Artifact 1 of 4 10 Points

Collected 1 of 4 artifacts

Artifact 2 of 4 10 Points

Collected the 2nd artifact

Doppelganger 10 Points

Used the rocket-propelled doppelganger to advance!

Drone Hunter 10 Points

Destroyed 20 enemy drones

Physicist 10 Points

Completed a physics game

Antacid 25 Points

Kill 5 acid blobs

Artifact 3 of 4 25 Points

Collected the 3rd artifact

Artifact 4 of 4 50 Points

Collected the 4th artifact

Fossil hunter 50 Points

Collected all 4 artifacts

Physicist II 50 Points

Completed the final physics game

That was close! 50 Points

Evaded the rising acid pit

Showdown 100 Points

Defeated the BOSS!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

I have been working on Replicus for just less than two months now, and although computer trouble seems to insist that I never see this through... I am now finally proud to present: Replicus. Action-oriented platforming inspired by Super Metroid and Capsized.

Thanks to Stencyl for the awesome toolset and Newgrounds for the opportunity. Enjoy!

If you encounter any (non game-breaking) bug or you get stuck, holding shift and pressing R will reload the game from your previous checkpoint, with all the ammo and health/armor you had at that point.


Was playing it just fine, but I somehow encountered a glitch that has rendered it unplayable. The view is stuck in the rock and there's nothing I can do.

CTRL+F5 hasn't helped either. I'm not really sure how I caused this. But if you can fix it, that'd be great. No points for that; it's a glitch, it's stupid to give lower ratings for unintentional problems. It loses a star because of the odd control scheme. It's very difficult to learn, and just as difficult to use once you've learned.

It'd be nice if you could shoot directly above you.

Cool retro style game. Customizable controls would be nice. Also, I hate that you can't shoot directly above you.

Great game, but I think there should be customizable controls, and maybe pickups from dead enemies.

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shadowlabs responds:

Customisable controls were always on my to-do list, but there wasn't enough time to implement one (I submitted just in time) and so were enemy health drops. I'm not going to do a sequel as there isn't enough of a storyline to warrant one - but the next thing I make will have everything I couldn't add in Replicus. Thanks!

Nicely done retro style game. I like the graphics & music abnd as far as i got, the APO-G provides some good puzzling elements.

Only thing that keeps me from enjoying this, is the rather unusual controls layou, that i cant seem to wrap my head around.

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shadowlabs responds:

Thank you. The controls were Metroid inspired, but I don't think they've translated to the computer keyboard very well (either that or I just haven't done it very well) so I'm going to avoid complex controls in future Flash games.

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Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2012
7:04 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle